Symbolic interaction theory
The symbolic interaction theory is founded on the understanding that there are symbolic meanings to every action or speech because everyone will act or speak according to how their bets interpret every situation. Based on this theory, I tend to believe that the media and other members of the society interpret situation and act based on their subjective thinking and not objectively thinking.
In my research, I am inclined to study how and why the society has been socially constructed through the subjective human interpretation and how these subjective interpretations affect the social bonds. I am also inclined to ask why gender and race have been socially constructed to their present level that they influence the social bonds mind what guides notions such as white supremacy, and anti-Semitism.

Conflict theory
The conflict theory was postulated under the assumption that in every society, there is always a power struggle due to inequality or uneven distribution of resources. These conflicts are the foundation of change in the society. For example, the wealthy and the poorly are always at conflict. Gender inequality as the source of conflicts, political inequality, and injustice as the source of conflicts that would later lead to societal change.

I consider this theoretical framework as my areas of research interest because it explains the currently happening in the society where the media is used by the powerful to undermine or oppress the poor. The media is used to project their rich people’s agenda in disguise for help and support
Social learning theory
Social learning theory proposes that human being is a social animal that learns from the environment in which they interact. Society learning attempts to explain how people influence others and cultures are shared through a learning process. One identity is not a product of the unconscious mind but a product of their modeling processes that one undergoes in the process of interaction and response to the society’s expectations. Behaviorism can be reinforced, and attitudes can be encouraged to strengthen them.

This theory is more relevant for my research because it explains the origin of crime and deviance in the society and particularly how the teenagers are recruited into crime and deviance by interaction and association.


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