Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell

Discussion Assignment 8: Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell

In page 129, the Woodrel wrote, “.” Two other women stepped onto the porch behind Mrs. Thump and both had postures and chins that suggested they were her close relatives. Mrs Thump started beating her…” (Woodrel 129).

When Ree Dolly had to face the world alone and the kin such as the grandfather and Uncle Tear Drop were cruel to her, I was particularly disturbed because a young girl of sixteen has to face such cruelty from the people she knows as her kin. I was more supprised that even the local sheriff, the local crime boss called Thump Milton could not help her solve the mystery around her missing father instead he warned her to leave the matter alone because to him, Jessup Dolly had died in a methamphetamine lab fire or might have ran Away from the town to avoid the trial. Ree is also faced with another major problem when the women she considered close to her had to bail out of her and beat her for talking about the father and the meth business. What particularly disturbs me is the fact that a business could be so lucrative that people would not want to talk about it while the person who has the expertise and her family suffer.

I am also concerned about the passage because it relates to another passage on page 130 stating, “..and there were mutters of beats uncaged from women and she was sunk to a moaning place, kicked into silence..” Where the Milton women gathered again and beat her for looking for her father and the bondsman could not have sympathy for a broken family and a teenager barely 18 years who takes up the duty of parent to take care of the sibling and the hollowed mother 2who is constantly on pills.

Question: Considering the way the Milton women treated Ree Dolly, can we say that women are their worst enemies? What is the place of women in the society based on the way they treated the young Ree Dolly.


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