Online QUIZ

Exam 2 Review: Cell Transport, Energy, Enzymes, Photosynthesis, Respiration

  1. Be able to describe the plasma membrane
  2. function
  3. phospholipid bilayer
  4. fluid mosaic model
  5. membrane proteins
  6. channel proteins
  7. How does active transport differ from passive transport?
  8. Be able to differentiate between diffusion and osmosis
  9. Describe the effect of the following solutions on the cell:
  10. hypertonic
  11. hypotonic
  12. isotonic

5.Why would a red blood cell and an elodea cell respond differently to a hypotonic solution?

  1. Be able to describe how facilitated diffusion works
  2. Describe these processes: endocytosis; exocytosis
  1. Define energy
  2. Metabolism is the:
  3. Be able to look at an equation and determine if it is a synthesis or decomposition reaction
  4. How are enzymes related to activation energy?
  5. Know the characteristics of enzymes.
  6. How are the following related: substrate, active site, allosteric site, product
  7. Be able to evaluate an enzyme chain reaction
  8. Explain why high temperatures stop enzyme activity
  9. List three factors that affect the rate of enzyme activity
  10. Be able to explain how feedback inhibition affects enzyme activity. Why is it important?
  11. Be able to explain other forms of enzyme inhibition: competitive, noncompetitive, etc

19.Define photosynthesis

20.What are pigments? Why are they important to the process of photosynthesis?

21.Be able to explain the reason why trees in this part of the country exhibit Fall coloration( be very


22.Be able to explain the equation for photosynthesis:


6CO2 +  12H2O                                       C6H12O6   + 6O2     + 6H2O


  1. what are the reactants
  2. what are the products

23.List the main events that occur in the light dependent reactions

24.List the main events that occur in the light independent reactions

  1. Define respiration
  1. Be able to explain the equation for respiration:

C6H12O6  + 6O2                                    6CO2     +   6H2O

  1. Differentiate between aerobic and anaerobic respiration
  2. What are the three main biochemical pathways in aerobic respiration.
  3. In general, know what happens in each of the biochemical pathways.
  4. What are carrier molecules(NAD: NADP)? Why are they important?
  5. How do the products of the following differ:



human muscle

  1. Why are the respiration products in question #31 different?
  2. What does it mean to say that photosynthesis and respiration are complementary processes?
  3. Be able to discuss the similarities and differences between respiration and photosynthesis

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