How to Study More Effectively: Putting Knowledge of Memory Functioning to Work

Title: How to Study More Effectively: Putting Knowledge of Memory Functioning to Work

In this discussion forum, you will examine the ability to create durable and easily accessible memories, which is an essential aspect of effective study techniques. For your initial post, complete the following steps:

Watch the video, The Art of Memory: Daniel Kilov at TEDx Macquarie University

Select one of the following experiments:

Levels of Processing (i.e., the depth at which one processes information may influence long-term retention

Encoding Specificity (i.e., events are encoded into long-term memory along with the context in which they have occurred. Thus remembering is facilitated if the context of encoding is also present at retrieval)

Remember/Know (i.e., understand the distinction between actually remembering an event and merely finding the event familiar)

Keep in mind that each experiment illustrates a procedure/task that is used by scientists to understand encoding and retrieval of information in long-term memory. Read the section of the textbook devoted to the selected experiment. Then, consider what participants’ performance on the corresponding task tells you about how to study more effectively. Also, consider the extent to which your knowledge of other memory phenomena can improve memory of class materials (see textbook). Support your points with evidence from at least one peer-reviewed research article. Your initial post must be a minimum of 300 words.

Guided Response: Use a minimum of one scholarly source found at tGoogle Scholar to critically examine the procedure that you have selected and its findings


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