Criminal Justice

Research Paper/Term Project: (Due Week 7)

Each student is required to complete the term project, which is an 6 page research paper in APA Style. The project should have 6-8 pages not counting the cover, abstract and reference page.

Assignment Instructions


All work should be submitted in APA 6th Edition style, which includes (if sources are used) in-line citations and a References page. No exceptions. Review the APA publication manual. APUS APA Style (pdf)

Note that references used for your research need to be peer-reviewed/scholarly journals. These journals typically have the following characteristics:

1. articles are reviewed by a panel of experts before they are accepted for publication;
2. articles are written by a scholar or specialist in the field;
3. articles report on original research or experimentation;
4. are often published by professional associations;
5. utilize terminology associated with the discipline.

Research Paper Instructions:

Choose one of the 5 topics listed below to write an 6 page research paper on. (6 pages excluding the title page, reference list, appendices) Your paper MUST be in APA Format.

1. Discuss the various types of treatment programs for sex offenders and elaborate on whether or not they are successful. (objective 9)

2. Discuss a sexually violent predator and his or her crimes. Also discuss what sociological or psychological theories you believe best explain his or her behavior. (objective 2)

3. Discuss a contemporary issue involving sex crimes, sexual offenders or victims of sexual crime. (objective 3)

4. Discuss the issues relating to pornography, erotica or obscene material as it relates to adult or child sex crimes. (objective 4 and 5)

5. Discuss the similarities and differences between male sex offenders, female sex offenders and juvenile sex offenders. Also, describe how they are charged, prosecuted, sentenced and discuss the treatment opportunities available. (objective 3 and 9)

Use the APUS library to find at least five, peer-reviewed articles that cover your chosen topic from the list above. Again, you are required to use scholarly, peer-reviewed journals, in-text citations, and provide a reference page for this paper.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have submitted the assignment it is automatically run through (plagiarism checker). You MUST be below a 20% match to other sources.

In addition, it is important to note the following critical aspects for your paper that if not completed correctly could result in a 0% despite the paper’s content and other evaluation criteria as noted below:

Your paper MUST be in proper APA format

Your paper MUST utilize APPROPRIATE references

You MUST avoid any form of Plagiarism at all costs


To submit your assignment, attach one or more files and then click Submit.

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