Why do you eat what you do? Keep track of what triggers you eating for a few days. Is it primarily hunger or appetite? How does your physical activity and daily habits affect what you eat? Does the world around influence what you select to eat?

Why do you eat what you do?

Eating add nutrients to one’s body which provides energy to the body, it also makes your heart beats normally. Eating makes the brain to be active and the muscles to work properly. The nutrients strengthen and build muscles, bones. They also regulate chemical and biological process in the body like blood pressure. Chronic diseases can be lowered when you take good nutrition like you can eat more vegetables and fruits which lower blood pressure and can also reduce your chances of contracting cancer again heart diseases can be lowered by avoiding saturated fats. People need balanced diet to help avoid different type of diseases such as blood pressure, high cholesterols and diabetes hence improving eating habit helps achieve and improve weight that’s healthy.

After a careful considerations, i realized that my eating habits is not driven by hunger but by culture. However, I realized that it is advisable to keep track of what you eat by writing down what you normally eat the times you eat and may be the portion you eat. There after you can now note how you were feeling and what you were doing at a given time. Then after all that you noted you can now go through your food diary.

Normally we eat to control hunger by may be eating three meals a day, and keep track whether the food you take had water or you just take snacks and also you need to know if you took fruits. And to reduce calories you need to know the caloric content of the foods on your plate. For example most of three fast foods have high caloric content than most of the home cooked meals.

Daily exercise affects food intake by reducing it in obese rats to lean rat’s level and obsess rats reduces the whole body weight after in the cause of this process. The biological finding during the change of one’s eating habit was supported by further investigations and finds by the support from the findings.

The hormones that normally enhance communication in the body are secreted by the skeletal muscles, during the exercise the muscles contracts to release chemicals that helps in reducing white noise in the brain. There is a positive effect when the hormones are released by the muscles during any exercise. Exercise helps in burning the calories as per the study suggest during a regular exercise. This study stands for how exercise and eating habit affects the weight loss and not looking at the relationship between exercise and eating habit.


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