1. discussion 100-130words
For this week’s discussion, choose any three poems from the World War I link under required resources AND read all three poems by Brian Turner under the link in required resources (scroll to the bottom of the Poetry Foundation page and you’ll see the links for the poems). What do you see as similar images, metaphors, symbols, themes, etc. From examining these poems, would you say the portrayal of war has or has not changed from World War I to now? Why or why not? Overall, which poem touched you most deeply, which was the one you most remembered, and why?

2.Discussion 100-145words
For this week, select one of the ekphrastic poems from the link under required resources and look at the original work of art that inspired the poem. Share your thoughts. ** Also, share your thoughts concerning the flamenco version of Blood Wedding. Did the film fit your imaginative view of the play you created in your mind’s eye as you read it? Why or why not? ** Finally, share your general thoughts about the play and its themes; are these still relevant today? Why or why not?


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