The Terrorist Mind: An Update by Sarah Kershaw,

The article, The Terrorist Mind: An Update by Sarah Kershaw, addresses issues directly related to the psychological perspective of terrorism. Specifically focusing upon those who engage in suicide terrorism, what do you think are the
fundamental factors that lead individuals to participate in such activities?

While suicide bombing tend to have a high symbolic value to the terrorists as it denotes the suicide terrorist’s resole and stay true to their cause, it is mainly associated with psychological problems. For example, argues that suicide bombers are disparate for meaningful life that can only come through death. According ………… suicide bombers participate in bombing to fulfill a number of meanings. For example, they participate in suicide bombing in response to personal or, communal grievances without even understanding the motivations or even addressing these grievances. The idealists, respondent and lost soul’s suicide bombers are motivated by promises of the Quran. whitleather purport that they nacre fighting the jihad a against the kefirs, the suicide bombers are mainly used by political idealists to drive their agenda. Most of the suicide bombers are teenagers who had not criminal records, but are manipulated and radicalized by the politicians to derive thru agenda/. Additionally, O’Rourke, L. (2008) argue that mob psychology also plays major role in influencing teenagers to participate in suicide bombing. For example, when people are in groups, they treason the same and are gullible in the same breath. Therefore, it is the belief that participates in an exercise with other people does not make it wrong. On the other hand, the internal limits theory explains the negative perception that suicide bombers have. For example, it would be difficult to kill a person. However, the suicide bombers believe that killing ad enemy is not a crime that is the reason why the suicide terrorists (Muslim|) tend to believe that killing the kefirs is moral while violence against friends is immoral.

Finally, it is suffice to a conclude that the paradox of the fear of death seems to drive the suicide bombers as they seek to prove their self-importance. In conclusion, the overarching motivating of the suicide bombers is their quest for persona importance. They desperately search and long for meaningful life that they can only achieve through death. They want to prove to their leaders, fellow cell embers and sect members that they are motivated by their cause.


O’Rourke, L. (2008). Why do women become suicide terrorists? Paper presented at the annual meetingof the ISA’a 49 th Annual Convention, Bridging Multiple Divides, Hilton San Francisco, CA, USA, Mar26, 2008


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