The Birthmark by Daniel Howthorne

Cover letter

My understanding of the short fiction changed after I wrote the essays because I came to realize that the birthmarks serves a very important purpose wherever it may be. I just like Aylmer considered birthmark a blemish that I could hide using facial creams. I have come to realize that the books used many literary devices to communicate very open ideas about nature, science, and culture.

The most difficult thing to explain about the short fiction is symbolism. For example, it was most difficult to understand what the title of the book mean and more so, what is so important about the birthmark. To explain What my essays strengths are and why, I can say that my essays main strength is the thesis statement that revolves around the main theme. I have defined by thesis statement based on the title of the book. I realize that nature (birthmark) is very important aspect of man’s life. Therefore talking about the relationship between nature and science makes my thesis statement conclusive.

The weakness of my essays is that it looks at only one theme, while I could have developed other themes. The paper is very short to contain all the themes. The feedback I expect from my instructor on this essay is definitely an A. the book is difficult to demystify and I have to research a lot.

The research paper

This paper seeks to analyze the theme of science and nature as demonstrated in the book “the birthmark” by Hawthorne. The birthright is my chosen work for the analysis because it traverses four distinct aspects of life- science, social, cultural, and political aspects of life. For example, it touches on science because at the time when the book was written, science was glorified and everyone wanted to base his or her arguments about birthmark on science.

By using Georgina’s, birth mark to symbolize mortality, and Aylmer’s scientific knowledge to symbolize modernism and science. For example, while Aylmer considered her wife beautiful, he thought that the birthmark was a blemish on how cheek and wanted it removed. However, Georgina considered it her lucky charm. Therefore, by considering the birthmarks as part of his wife’s moral decrepitude and spiritual flaw, he assumes that her wife is immoral. While the birthmark cannot be removed, it is quite clear that nature is itself a depiction of perfection and no amount of science can perfect it. This question was difficult to explain because this is not clearly presented in the book. First, I came up with many themes only to realize that that the main symbol used is the birthmark that represents nature, and mortality.

In terms of the social aspects of life, birthmarks also look at the man and how they interact with the natural world as well as mortality. For example, it analyses how human flaw can form part of their beauty therefore, flaw ad perfection are one such that by denying perfection, one denies his own mortality. Finally, in consideration of the cultural aspect of life, birthright analyses marriage by using the marriage between Georgiana, a village girls, and Aylmer a scientist. A marriage between science and tradition is therefore highlighted despite Aylmer planning to remove the wife’s birthmark. Therefore, in analyzing this work, I seek to demonstrate how science and nature can interact and define each other. At the end of the book, Hawthorne demonstrates that science and nature can live side by side because nature is perfection and science seeks to perfection.


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