SCENARIO 2: Analyze the emotional ups and downs of Elisa in “The Chrysanthemums”, while seeing the guy’s wagon and the “speck of dirt” scattered along the way, leading to the resolution of the story. What is the story’s resolution? “The Chrysanthemum

When the stranger showed great interest ion her chrysanthemums, she felt excited because the chrysanthemums are to her the children she never had as the society expected her to have. She had always tended for them like they were her only children. Therefore, when the stranger talked about a lady down the road who needed the chrysanthemum seeds, she feels a complete bond with the strangers such that even all that her husbands tell her is useless to her. Elisha responds to her husband coldly but get excited in talking to the stranger. It is the mother and child bond she feels when talking with the stranger that makes her feel obliged and submissive to the stranger than to her husband.

Elisa had grown used to the chrysanthemum, such that all the instruction she gave to the stranger about caring for the carefully prepared chrysanthemum shoots which were to be presented to the women down the road were strewn on the road, she felt like her heart sunk because they were to her like her babies. Additionally, within the few days Elisa had known the stranger, she had come to love her. Therefore, when she gave him the chrysanthemum, it was not only those, but also her undying love. She wanted to travel around with the man, throwing all caution to the wind. She wanted to meet people which she could not do working in the isolated ranch.

The speck of dirt was the chrysanthemum shoots that the stranger had dumped on the road. The strewn flowers mean that the stranger did not regard her as she did to him. It was by the chrysanthemum buds that Elisa believed she would see the stranger but when they were thrown off the roadway, she realized that the stranger kept the pot to sell later. This also marked the last time she would see the stranger as well as her prospect of traveling the roads to meet people.


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