Reflect on the last 30 seconds of video com/watch?v=4TuhCzvp -RY starting from w here Dr. Yellin says “She managed to cop e with……” Do you agr ee with the statemen t at the very end of this video. Write a 1 page response to this video ana

Yes, I agree with the statement made at the end of the video. That statement is not only true about the pre-civil war periods, but also relevant today. I agree with Dr. Yellin’s statement that young girls are struggling many inequality problems amongst them sexual inequality. I also agree with her argument that Harriet Jacobs was quite ahead of her time because she was a feminist at a time when slaves especially the slave women were property of their masters. Harriet Jacobs knew how to use her sexuality to plan ahead and that is why she got children with her white master and that was amongst the most impossible things then.

I also agree with her argument that Harriet Jacobs was not an abolitionist but a feminist because she believes in empowering the girl child at a time when women were not getting education. For example, she managed to educate her daughter who was among the women were bought into slavery. However, while I agree with the fact that she was fighting for sexual equality, I don’t think Harriet was alone because around this time there many other feminists in the North.


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