Read short story ‘Ho w to become a Writer By Lorrie Moore. S ummary the story and create an argument how its hard to beco me an writer. PLEASE SEE THE ADDITIONAL MATERIALS BEFORE beg in ask to be assign to this paper.Please provide an referenc es page with

Summary of How to become a Writer By Lorrie Moore

According Lorrie Moore, becoming a writer is the most difficult thing. For example apart from having to be on the receiving end of a difficult teacher, it is difficult to switch gears between topics, disciplines and genres. While the presented work may be your best manuscript, the critics would make you feel like you just posted unedited manuscripts. For example, she states that the teacher may be pleased with the work but because she is a literary critics, she will say, “much of your writing is moth and energetic. You have however, ludicrous notion of the plot”, when you write another story and you are met with another excuse (1018). Moreover, she argues that the literary critics may not allow or approve of one’s literary work without much criticism. Because they are either not pleased with the topic or not pleased with the content either way, a writer has to put up with the ego of the critics.

Lorrie also noted that while not all teachers may be critics, there are those who would be happy to help but they must point out your mistake. Then again, they are not helping because it is difficult to balance between your core course and the demanding elective your chose. Lorrie’s states that the writer may be tempted to spend more time on another course to please he demand teacher, but then one cannot balance all the courses together and still perform well. That is when the other tutors would become concerned about your poor performance in your major (1018).

Thirdly, Lorrie also argues that most of the writers get demoralized and slouched. They cannot gather the energy required to go outdoor or engage in mind stimulating activities because they have a deadline to meet (1019). The writer spends a lot of time seated down and demoralized, they start developing high blood pressure and stomach ulcers because of the demanding nature of writing.

However, Lorrie also motivates the writer into thinking small and developing imaginative powers because writing especially creative writing is only imagination. The writer must have wild imagination and be flexible. Instead of sitting closed up in one corner, a writer should be ready to share his story with the roommates, and welcome criticism. Each writer should be able to understand his mistakes and be ready to correct them.

Apart from imagination and being accommodating to criticism, one should also learnt that they “ are merely open, helpless texts with no real understanding of what they have written and therefore must half-believe anything and everything that is said of them. You, however, have not yet reached this stage of literary criticism. You stiffen and say, ”I do not,’’ just as they said when asked mundane questions in grade four.

Finally, writers should be inquisitive and creative. For example when asked if they are interested in anything, they should “insist that they are not very interested in any one subject at all, that they are interested in the music of language, that you are interested in – in – syllables, because they are the atoms of poetry, the cells of the mind, the breath of the soul. In conclusion, Writing should be interesting only if one has the altitude to learn and write new things in the quite of the night, the serenity of the mind is what contributes to one’s imaginative power.


It is very hard to become a writer since there is just a strict specific formula that is applicable. We expect all the authors to follow this formula under all circumstances unless otherwise. It may be under minimum or no situations when the writers may rightly alter this given formula. I therefore hypothesize that it is hard to become a writer.

The formula does not allow the writer to use parenthetical documentation but strictly the actual (great) citations. If parenthesis is to make basis, the only thing that should appear on it is page or Para numbers. We expect the writer to include at least two citations from restricted sources. A writer must adhere to all these to write a quality work. writers are merely open, helpless texts with no real understanding of what they have written and therefore must half-believe anything and everything that is said of them.

The contents of a page will always remain unchanged. Every page from any article of a given author should have the same elements with proper and standard descriptions. These elements are pointed summary, textual citation, summary of the textual citation, expert authority and the great citations from the author.

The formula restricts the author about the applicable number of pages and the expected content of each page. For example, an academic paper should not go beyond four pages. The content of the theme should be within the first three and a half a page. The references should appear on the fourth page and their format is within the limits of restrictions.

Above all, the author should submit the whole work as one document for the article to attract the reader’s attention failure of which the resultant article will not be an academic paper. The issue of writing is quite demanding and complicated. The steps are very clear but may not appear so during the time of article preparation for which reason the author will not have made a proper piece of work. This may be so due to negligence of part or whole of the formula. It is therefore hard to become a writer.


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