Pros and Cons of Religion and Family


Religion and family are the most important aspect of people’s life as they are the most enduring institutions. Family is very important because it is the basic foundational social units found in all human communities around the world. Family is important and so are religions. However, people’s debates on families are primarily relative because the way I see a family may be different from another person’s perception about the family. Many people based their valuation of the family on poor pressure, the societal perspective, or their family’s contribution in their life. This had lead to varying opinions about the family. This paper seeks to argue that denote the family and religion being a burden, they are both important as they contribute to progress and development.

Pros of the family uni

While Doherty, (2000) predicted the demise of the family, the family has endured and has been evolving over the year. Therefore, in as much as family structures may vary from one place to another, the family values tend to endure. The main advantages of the family unit include the fact that the family unit is made up of healthy individuals as they are at the core of a healthy society. The family creates a positive environment for individuals to pursue their goals.

According to Doherty, The family to everyone is one of the most intimate social environments as everyone finds the family as the only place where the children are socialized. Families are the first place where children are taught how to survive and prosper in the outside world (50-54). On the other hand, Kleinman (229-231) argue that the family units are very important because it bring people joy, a sense of belonging, and motivation. A healthy family is the most valuable resource for anyone ad it also helps individuals endure dific8lties in life because life inevitably brings difficulty to everyone irrespective of the social standing.

Families are also important because they strengthen the community and bring forth children’s who advance posterity and perpetual existence. It is the family units that strengthen the vitality and the future of the generations who will carry out the family has will and protect the elderly (Cao , Jiang , Li, M-cJ, Li 113)

Families are also the social unit where people heal. For example, it is within the families where empathic blending occurs. Empathic belong occurs in close relationships and it is this kind of blending that leads to recreation as the family members have sex (Kleinman, 1977).

Cons Of Families

It is important to note that despite the family creating a positive environment for the family members; it is also a labor of love for all the family members, as they have to endure individual differences and diversity

Families cause both pain and joy, but the worst thing about families is that they are a burden to progress. For example, when only one person is working in a family, the entire family depends on him. Families can never allow one to progress as they are always begging.

The empathic blending may also cause problems in families in the event that a man and the woman are not compatible. It is the family where worst aspects of each family member comes


Over the last three year, there have been discourses about religion. For example, there are the theist who do not believe in the existence of God, the polytheists who believe in the existence of more than one God, and the monotheist who beehive in one God. Never the less, the even the monotheists have their own varying opinions about who the true God is as they believe in different gods and different doctrine. This paper seeks to analyze the pros and cons of religions

Pros Of Religion

Religions helps people cope with different situations that they cannot control. People consider religion as a source of consolation and hope. When faced with difficult situations, people turn to God to help them overcome the difficult situation. Religion gives people hope even in the face of death. Therefore, without religion, people would die of despair (Haidt, &, Graham 127). It is also important to consider the argument of Kant, (177) that religion is important because it defines what is good and bad. Good and bad moral codes are based on the religious definition of bad and good. Immorality refers to a body of principles that are deriving from a code of conduct from a religion. Manners, character and behaves are defined by religions as either good or bad.

Religion guides the community and protects the family unit. Most of the religious families adhere to a belief system that keeps them from harming one another, lying to one another, hurting one another or allowing their families and friend to suffer. It is therefore healthy to assume that religion is the guiding principles of peace, love and harmony.


Religion is wrongly use by people. Many people argue that what happens to them is God’s will while in the real sense God created them with free will allowing them to decide on what to do. People tend to blame their misfortunes and circumstances on God, and the devil. The main problems is that people say that the devilled them astray after making mistakes. Using religion as a scapegoat is bad in itself.

Religions cause sectarian wars. The worst modern atrocity committed by man is terrorism. Many misguided Muslim are waging wars against the Christian because of religion believing that by waging war against the kafir, they will be accepted into heaven. Many Muslims wrongly interpret the dictates of the Quran to wage war hiding under the disguise of the Quran. Many Christians have died because of sectarian war. However, they do not know that amongst the Christians there are also Muslims who die because of their heinous acts. On the other hand, Christians have also been waging verbal war against the Muslims. These wars could never be if there were no divisive religious propaganda, but because of these religions, sectarian war is ongoing (Kant 177).

Conclusion (personal opinion)

This paper argues that the family unit is a burden to progress and economic growth. It also argues that religion causes sectarian war because without religious differences, there would be no sectarian war. However, it is clear that wars are not caused by religion but by people and the ideological differences between different religious groups. The god or gods people worship do not advocate for killings or human suffering, but human greed and vexation. On the other hand, I strongly believe that the power to wage war is in the hands of man and not religions so religion should never be used to wage war kill or separate people. There is no major ideological problem that cannot be solved through dialogue. As for the family, the family unit has been changing and with the changes came serious issues that must be solved. The family is safe haven where people go to feel the sense of belonging. It is in the family where social security can be realized. It is also in the family where there are no trust issues. Therefore, it is important to restore the integrity of families and no one will ever consider the family unit a burden.

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