Observation Essay – The Inner Harbor Baltimore

Undergraduate Observation Essay.
The topic is the Inner Harbor in Baltimore and its just a simple Observation Essay written from the included are the Observation Notes.

Observation Notes – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eY4EqmUPwQiA1Q0uMF2BR3cS1wlmoBBhTpJLENT2Qsk/edit?usp=sharing

Observation Notes

The Inner Harbor is one of the most interesting places I can recommend to anyone interested in having a quite time alone to relax and recollect. I find it the best place to take that special someone. Right from the door, one is ushered into the inner harbor by the aroma from the nearby hotels, and restaurant, I can feel a faint hint of chocolate as I walk majestically upstairs no forgetting that the Godiva store is the best chocolate. As I indulge my sense of smell to the delicious gourmet chocolates, I can see from a distance, love birds walking in close embrace. Despite the cacophony, I could hear water bellowing under the Key Bridge and motorboats engine starting at the piers. The Inner harbor still remains the best place anyone can visits for both leisure and business.

As I walk towards the Key Bridge, I got distracted BY the sight of Pratt St. Bridge so I walk faster towards the bridge. At this time of the years when strong winds reign supreme. So I cover my face from the cold as I battle the force of the wind. I anchor on the bridge and behold a wonderful sight in the morning: children running around the harbor placebo bewildered of the marauding wind. Just then I remembered I had not eaten anything as hunger pangs begin to bite.

Not seeing any budget hotel around, I walk faster towards the Water Taxi to buy a ticket t the Rusty Scupper. I realized that this is one place where everyone thrives. From the bar owners, the taxi owners and operators, as well as the beggars. Everyone here is happy; it’s their source of livelihood, and their pride. My trip to the Rusty Scupper is fast s I breathe the last smell of the harbor water. Stepping out of the taxi, the honking of the other water taxis both welcomes and bid me farewell. Once on the harbor, I spotted Canton/Fells Point at the far end and the Rusty Scupper few steps from the place I was standing. The aroma of delicious seafood welcomes to the Rusty scupper as the waiters welcome me. The menu was uniquely designed and I whole heartedly ordered my Two Jumbo Lump Crab cakes, and crab stuffed shrimp, with a side of Fries with Old Bay on the side. As I sit down to enjoy my meal as I typed frantically on my laptop.

Everyone was happy, gosh! this place should have been named “happy town” as fun, food, and music was the order of the day. The couples on the next table asked me in hushed undertones are the food that good here?” I smile and say if they fail at making a Crab Cake then they don’t belong in Baltimore!


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