NSC 1404 Problem Set #2

1.Discuss the role of government in reducing the harmful effects of mineral mining and processing.

The government plays an important role in reducing the harmful effect of mineral mining and processing because without government interventions, harmful mining procedures would be used and this would degrade the environment, and cause harm to both animals and plant. Additionally, mining also affect the water quality. For example smelting procedures harmful products such as arsenic, and sulfur dioxide which can contaminate water table and water sources.

2. Why should we care about an increased extinction rates due to human activities?

The increased extinction rates due to human activities is harmful in the long run to the human population themselves. Human being are not good producers of food as such, they depend on other animals for food and as part of the food production system. High extinction rate would lead to human extinction due to lack of food

3. How can the extinction of bird species create a ripple effect through the rest of the ecosystem?

Bird species are very important component of the entire ecosystem. For example, they help in pollination. Secondly is an important source of foods. Their ecological roles are at all levels on the trophic web. While they are consumers they also act as predators, therefore, they help in maintaining sustaining populations while serve as source of food to predators. Even in their death, they serve as food to the scavenger as well as decomposers. Their extinction would cause an imbalance in the ecosystem due to food inadequacy, lack of pollination.

4What can individuals do to extend the reserves of aluminum? Why is recycling aluminum sustainable?

Recycling is the most effective way to extend the reserve of aluminum. For example, recycling aluminum can lower the overall cost of electricity used in produce aluminum. Aluminum is made from bauxite reserves; therefore, it is important to recycle the aluminum to avoid unnecessary extraction of bauxite reserves


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