Moral Manipulation & the Problem of Evil by Jimmy Alfonso Licon

The essays should be about a 50/50 summary and your reflection on what you have read. They should be well organized, contain no misspelled words as well as no errors in sentence structure and word usage.
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Moral Manipulation & the Problem of Evil by Jimmy Alfonso Licon


There has been a great extent of suffering in the world, which has emerged to be out of hand. Among these problems are; war, famine, disease, hurricanes, earthquakes, rape, murder, the Holocaust, the Crusades and terrorist attacks. These are just a few examples. They have therefore posed a great number of people to hopelessness. However, concerning this evil, there is no even distribution since some people suffer horribly while others do not. We therefore fail to understand the existence of any rhyme or reason to it if any. From this, we realize that things that exist underneath the world are just indifferent. Jimmy Alfonso Licon is a French philosopher who is concerned about these problems in the world and therefore writes an article. He argues that if God possess the powers as per our belief, we do not expect him to see human beings suffer this much. He therefore criticizes the issue that God loves us (Alfonso Licon, 2015).

I find the philosophical work on moral manipulation and the problem of evil a compelling story as he argues that if God really exist, all knowing, has supernatural power and above all loves us, He cannot pose us to all these sufferings. He argues that God would not have made us suffer if He really had the power as we believe and really love us as a good parent. He therefore disqualifies belief that there is He who is perfectly benevolent. He rather considers our belief as a problem and should we continue to believe, we are likely to suffer more without understanding the origin and the so-called God. Considering Alfonso’s belief as per his philosophy, we are under confusion and we may fail to have a stand. This is because, we realize that there is possibility of backing him up as well as opposing. This paper therefore, appears double-edged since it supports and opposes as well.

If we are to agree with him, we are likely to have proper and arguments for ourselves to convince anybody. Licon is sincere in his analysis of the Problem of Evil since his article does not contain snarky comments. One is likely to avoid his arguments if he/she is to consider what the bible actually teaches and compare it to this conception. Alfonso Licon, (2015) article rarely contains an analysis based on Scripture for which reason we do not relegate it to any given opinion .

If we consider the potter’s freedom” from Jeremiah 18 we disqualifies God being Omni-benevolent. If he would really be so, then he would be a Universalist rather than permitting us to sin and dealing with the sin. Furthermore, the fall during Genesis would not have happened. Therefore, it is wrong to argue that God exist and posses all these powers. We thus agree with the philosopher Licon and so He is not so.

If we assume there is a god and this god has supernatural powers as we believe, there are some necessary conditions, which must exist in him to convince us that he is so. He is likely to be the source of all the evil by his will since He has an ultimate source of everything by his entity. We therefore challenge Christians who stick to the belief of his “all-benevolent” feature.

On the other hand, we are also able to oppose the philosopher with strong arguments as well. The problem of evil poses a serious suffering for us but we also realize that the author is wrong. He is not right to argue that people’s actions, committed freely, can cause suffering. God is just doing his part rightly. Apart from that, we should not blame God, since most believe God does not exist. This is because we do not expect one to blame who does not exist. Considering this, the philosopher is very wrong.


We therefore view the article by the philosopher in two ways. We may support or oppose his work. However, we give weight to the support we have for his article and therefore we may blame God even to some extent now that we continue to suffer.


Alfonso Licon, J. (2015). Problems of Belief & Unbelief- Moral Manipulation & the Problem of Evil. St. Edward’s University. Retrieved 26 March 2015, from


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