For this Discussion, consider the principles of strategic management, including team building skills in the healthcare environment. Describe several best practices you think are necessary for increasing the effectiveness for team building within the heal

Principles of strategic management mainly revolve about four major concepts vision, mission, objectives and strategy implementation. The healthcare sectors are one of the sectors whose organizations required effective teams. The best practices necessary for increasing the effectiveness of team building include role clarity, team cohesion or team chemistry, process focus and continue learning. For example, the role of the entire team member should be clearly delineated to avoid role confusion and duplication of duties. Secondly, team cohesion is important as it defines the overlaps team chemistry. Team cohesion can help the team members to coordinate, communicate and execute tasks. Team cohesion is important because it is defined by team strengths and weakness of the team members who must compensate for each other’s weaknesses for the overall team productivity. Process focus means that the team should focus on the big picture about the organizational strategy. Process focus requires that all teams, and embers of the organization’s efforts are completely oriented toward realizing core organizational functions and business processes (Thomas, 2011, pp. 647-650).

Apply these best practices to at least two different types of healthcare organizations

Both hospitals and nursing homes are some of the main healthcare organizations that require team building. For example, hospitals needs team which clearly defined roles for arc team member. The number of deaths per day in modern hospitals has risen because most nurses are overworked while some doing other nurse’s duties while the other nurses are just resting. Role clarity would help them nurse’s avid duplication of duties (Thomas, 2011, pp. 647-650).

On the other hand, nursing homes require team cohesion especially when the nursing homes are made up of very old people who cannot fend for themselves. These nurses can coordinate, and share information thereby helping overcome acute health conditions.

These two best practices position the organization as a very affordable, patient centered thereby giving the organization a competitive edge of its competitors, additionally, role clarity and team cohesion help more the healthcare organization’s effectiveness thereby reducing the number of deaths per year.


Thomas E, (2011). Improving teamwork in healthcare. BMJ Qual Saf 2011;20:647-650 doi:10.1136/bmjqs-2011-000117


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