esearch and Reflection on Chefs and or Trends

1315 homework

Due Week 3

Research and Reflection on Chefs and or Trends

As mentioned in class, it is important to us as students of the Culinary Arts to one understand the industry we are graduating into and two to understand some of the leaders we hope to emulate.

Studying the trends of this ever changing industry and the industry leaders will keep our minds and our skills as aspiring chefs current and sharp.

For your homework project I would like for each of you to research Foodservice Trends or Professional Chefs who are leading their prospective cuisines in the industry today.

I’d like to see this research come from a current magazine, online magazine, periodical or blog site like Eater or Chow Hound.

I will require you to research 2 articles (they both can be on Chefs or Food Trends, or one of each).

I’d like each of you to summarize each article for me in one typed page of text and I’d like another one page typed reflection for each article (your own words telling me why you agree or disagree with the trend, why the trend is important or not important…what you feel about the chef in the article and what you feel he/she’s done for the industry and cuisine).

I’d like a printed or photo copied copy of the article and works cited page…a cover page is not required.

To summarize you are responsible for 4 total pages of text…2 summaries and 2 reflections…again due week 3…our Culinary Library is a fantastic place to start your search for solid publications.

Suggested publications (check their websites):

Fool Magazine

Flavor & The Menu Magazine

Food Arts Magazine

Food and Wine Magazine

Art Culinare

Plate Magazine

Suggested Chefs:

Thomas Keller

Jose Andreas

Grant Achatz

David Kinch

Mark Ladner

Sean Brock

John Besh

Daniel Bouloud

Eric Ripert

Guy Savoy

Joel Robouchon

Alain Ducasse


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