cybersecurity current even

2 full pages, 11font (Time New Roman), .8 inch margin,
Write a essay on a current event about cybersecurity. The essay should answer why is the article important, what things were learned from the breach/incident or etc.

two possible articles that one could write this essay on.

Cyber security is one of the modern day calamities especially in this age where data is increasingly becoming a currency. All operation on earth is data driven, and everyone needs information for decision-making. However, the speed of technological advances makes the cybercrime difficult for even robots to detect and prevent the threats. One such threat is the recent fraudulent tax returns that were filled using the turbo tax software. This paper seeks to explain the effect of cyber security in business and government operations.

According to the article, fraudulent tax returns were filled using turbo tax software. While this could have been detected and prevented, it was detected very late when IRS reported losses. This was not a remote attack, but rather a scam. The articles prove that even the known and approved system can have loopholes that can be exploited by the criminals. In this case, the interest was on the high-value information that was pulled from the turbo tax and the IRS database. Unauthorized access to high-value information can only be maximized through advanced persistent threats (APT), and in this case, the attack was massive. The articles mainly expose the potentials of advanced persistent threats. The paper indicates that valuable information can be a tool for various purposes depending on the people in possession of the information. Therefore, it is not only viruses that can be used to attack system, but also information.

The paper also explains that cyber criminals are not only interested in stealing money but the information because information is power. Access to high-value information can be potentially dangerous as the information owners do not know the extent of damage the hackers can cause. While this was a case of fraudulent tax returns being filed and theft of tax refunds. It is clear that to the attackers, currency of the information is not necessary as even the past data can be used to meet specific needs.

Some of the key lesson learned from the breach includes the magnitude of breaches. Data breach is among the most prevalent threats. This case makes it clear that a mere data breach can be disastrous. Any small loophole can be exploited to wreak havoc.

The paper also teaches the importance of being proactive when it comes to cyber security. For example, the articles report that many states have introduced a new security system despite their system having not been affected. It seems that in cybercrime, only the paranoid can survive. Therefore, anticipating risk and implementing adequate preventive measures is imperative.

If the attackers could penetrate the IRS system which are a federal entity, then individual are at more risk than before. This mean that even with efficiencies and other benefits associated with the internet, the manual pen and paper system was very secure, therefore even if the additional security measures are likely to delay the tax returns and refunds, it is the only way to overcome cybercrime.


Strengthening g protection in all the federal system is the first stem that should be taken to protect the citizens from attack on government system. It is clear that even the approved and trusted system can be vulnerable to cyber attacks because cyber threats are not only confined to the malware, but also manual access to valuable information. Finally, any suspicious activity should be investigated, and adequate measures taken. Budget cuts should not be excuses when personal information is lost to cybercriminals because identity theft is real


Marte J, (2014). FBI is investigating fraudulent tax returns filed through TurboTax. Washington Accessed at Post


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