Collective Bargaining Agreement

ONS part 2 – Dutch Restaurant

Part 1
– Choose 5 topics from the Collective Bargaining Agreement guidelines and compare the content with your own work experience, job and tasks *source : “The Dutch Collective Labour Agreement for the hotel and catering industry explained “to be obtained from

Part 2 (half a page or so)- “I started this business when i was still at school (2007). I was doing my internship and working on my essay. I did not finish because of course the restaurant took a lot of time. In 2010 the restaurant was running smoothly and we started another company. A smaller one, sort of a deli, were people could have lunch or take it away. It was open in the morning till 17.00 o’clock. I was in control there and after closing time i went back to the restaurant to work the evening shift. In the Deli it was a lot more quiet, so i had time to work on my essay for school. In that year i managed to graduate from school. We sold that business because someone offered to buy it from us. We did sell the deli, despite the fact that we made up a contract, the buyer did not follow the rules and did not fully paid us. She also kept our business name and damaged it. She was not competent enough and the business got a bad reputation. People thought that it was still our company because the name was still the same. This was a great learning experience, and therefore we will never sell our name with a company we want to sell. I went back full time to the restaurant. Typical day of work ; Starts at 9.30 cleaning and preparing for lunch, till 12.00 o’clock we only have coffee/thee with cake and from 12 till 16.00 we have lunch. 17.00 Diner starts so between 16.00 and 17.00 we have to prepare for diner, clean the toilets, make the tables ready. Staff eats at 14.30 when they have a day shift and 16.30 when they have the evening shift. Diner is till 21.00 and the restaurant closes when everybody is gone. So that depends.”

>> This was my interview with my supervisor. From this write in passive the main turning points in her career path and her typical day at work
>> Describe her ‘style’ of management by applying the ‘Theory X+Y’ and the ‘Situational Leadership Model’ to her style of leading.

Part 3 (half a page)
– Make use of the following motivation theories to describe what (de)motivated you when you were working at this company (1/2 or 3/4 of a page):
> Maslow’s or Pinto’s Hierarchy of needs
> Herzberg’s two Factor Theory
> Skinner’s Reinforcement Theory

Part 4 (this is in addition to the part written earlier, so find a way to join it) (1/2 or 3/4 of a page)
CULTURAL DIVERSITY – Apply Kluckhohn and Strodbeck’s Value Orientation to categories the employees’ value in the workplace
-Describe the stages of Culture Shock you underwent when entering and starting to work in the organization. Relate this to the Expectancy Model/ Theory.
-Give an example of a Stereotype and Prejudice experienced by employees (yourself included) and/or guests in the organization. Explain the causes, effects and expressions (Allport scale) of this stereotype/prejudice.
– Give an example of a colleague that you would consider as “emotional intelligent”. Give arguments for statements.
– Give an example of a colleague that you would consider as “cultural intelligent”. Give arguments for statements.
* just pick any from the organizational chart.

Part 5 (1 to 2 pages)
Human Resources
– Describe the organizational chart (attached) and explain it. Describe how many people the company employs, what job positions there are, and who reports to whom. Point out your position in the chart.
-Describe in detail how the company manages its human resources based on the HRM Model (the items Planning, Recruitment& Selection, Introduction, Working conditions, Performance Appraisal, Training& Developing, Compensation, Career Development should be referred to).
*holiday bonuses are given. Schedules are presented 3 weeks before starting work. Monday + Sunday is OFF. Fixed hours for weekend workers (8 hours for supervisors and 6 hours for the apprentice + me).
when getting hired > CV+ letter of motivation required >> meeting >> work trail. The add is put on internet site (Facebook)
-Conclude with 3 strengths and 3 improvement points on how the company is managing its Human Resources.
-Compare 3 articles (attached) with the theory linked to one of the concepts of the HRM-model.
link 1 >>
link 2 >>
And the other article is an attachment.

Part 6 (1 page)
– Talk about the Marketing mix (Price, Product, Place, Promotion)
-Conduct a technological audit of the company, clarify the purpose of technology in the workplace.
*Debit cards are accepted by the restaurant, no credit cards b/c commission is too high.

Part 7 ( about half a page)
– Discuss measures the company takes in relation to environment and sustainability (People, Planet, Profit)
*Bio and seasonal products are used. Waste management. They have a certificate for ecofriendly fishing, and they just use the fish caught in a certain way.

**I don’t want Introduction and conclusion to this paper. Just write the parts as stated above.
**In text referencing
**Passive voice – no personal pronouns included.

– Choose 5 topics from the Collective Bargaining Agreement guidelines and compare the content with your own work experience, job and tasks

The main topics in the collective bargaining agreement for hotel and catering industry include

Termination of an employment contract

There are times when an employer terminates the employment of a contracted employee and leaves them redundant without following proper channels including a notice, or compensation. However, according to the collective bargaining agreement, the employer is required to adhere to the determinate terms of service. In such case, the employee must seek legal redress

Duty roster and work schedule

Despite the untimely and questionable termination of employment, I was happy working at the hotel because the hotel had a duty roster from which I could easily determine my duties and responsibilities ass well as the span of control and the people I was supposed tom head

Working hours and rest periods

All the resting periods were indicated, as well as the official working hours beyond which our payment was increased because that was overtime


The company’s overtime policy was strict because it was just for specific day. The company also indicated what on was expected to earn for overtime in case there was one (Fulton, 2013)


Considering the payment that the company offered, i was happy with the payment because it was competitive and had additional benefits for compensation, and benefits depending on the duties, academic level, and experience (Fulton, 2013)


Fulton (2013) Worker representation in Europe. Labour Research Department and ETUI. Produced with the assistance of the SEEurope Network, online publication available at


The hotel business was started back in 2007 while the writer was on a school holiday doing an industrial attachment. However, the writer did not finish the essays in time because the hotel work was very committing but profitable.

The profitability of the hotel leads to the 2010 opening of another fast food outlet with smaller menu for take away lunch and snacks

The deli was quiet so the writer managed to complete his homework while working at the deli. When she finally graduated fro school, she started working fulltime at both the deli and the hotel

When there was on offering to buy the deli, the two solid the deli and signed a contract that required the new owner to retain the name because it was already a brand

However, the new owners were not competent enough to run the deli and the brand name was tarnished. The goodwill the former management had created made the diners think the old management was still the owners, and the lead to the fall in customer loyalty

This poor performance of the deli lead to the fall in the rating of the older branch such that when the new management wanted to sell the hotel they could not get abettor customer.

The lesson learnt is not to sell the company name with the business. Therefore, not anybody buying their business can use their brand name

Currently, the restaurant is running for over 12 hours from 9.30 to 21.00 but may vary as the restaurant may be closed even later than 21.00 depending on the flow of customers.

Management style- Theory X+Y

The management style is mainly autocratic because the manager makes all the decision without consulting the subordinates. A hierarchical structure is needed with narrow span of control at each and every level.The business is family owned and managed the manger makes all the decision and the subordinates and the husband implement the dedications. However, the leadership is also bureaucratic because of the reporting structure. The specialist are employed based on their areas of specialization does all the core function, it is quite clear that the management is also a permissive autocrat. The reporting structure is clear; there is specialization and division of labor. The reporting structure is also bureaucratic and must be followed. All decision are made at the to and handed down to the line managers to implement.

Situational style of leadership

the manager makes decision based on the emerrging issueas. fopr example,the manasger hs decided noit to sell a business wuith the name because the former deli buyer tarnished the brand name of the company and affected the performance of the company. The manager believes that there is not best styles and decision are made without proper consultation. the leadership is mainly dependent on the task, or function that the maner need to be done and the overal capacity of the employees to perform the task


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