A brief summary about TubeMogul, Inc. (TUBE) stock, beginning from sept 29th to nov 21st explaining the reasons of increasing and decreasing of the stock and general information about the stock market during that time.

TubeMogul, Inc. is one of the leading enterprise software companies dealing in digital branding. The company provides cloud-computing system enabling all the commercial firms to plan, purchase and measure how their videos advertisement perform from one platform. The company’s platform direct enables advertises to directly market their products on the platform or advertise on behalf of the clients based on their campaign objectless. The company’s stock recently traded at $15.78, down 6.9 percent.

The company stock has fluctuated over the last three months with the adjusted closing figure being slightly above average at $16.86. for example, tube moguls Q3 performance can be considered as strong after the spend, revenue as well as gross profit and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization were estimated in the final quarter, the company’s performance has produced impressive results. For example, the company is Previous Close: 16.18, Opening16.02, and the bid prices was 16.01 x 100 why the asking prices was16.05 x 600. While the price target of the stock was raised from $13 to 19-price change from, buy to neutral

The company quarterly operating results fluctuated due to many confounding factors that could not be predicted. For example, the company’s operating results fell below the expected values because the customers could not maintain or even increases their advertising spending in the company’s platforms. Additionally, because digital advertising market is relatively nascent, people’s expectation is still weak as they have their reservation about the performance of The Company. Therefore, most digital video advertising customers are less likely to hold on to their stock leading to high transfer rates. Finally, the company is relatively young and may not compete effectively against its current and future competitors. The price adjustment was due to the market–which has seen many ad tech and enterprise software companies drop since the spring–as well as an up-and-down week that saw troubling current events make investors even more skittish.

Finally, a major portion of the company’s business is mainly sourced via the adverting agencies, which hold on their payment until they receive payment form their clients. This increases the amount of time the company has to wait it receives its payment for use in their platform



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