1. Explain the changes that occur in the carbon cycle and how it relates to long term changes in climate.

1. Explain the changes that occur in the carbon cycle and how it relates to long term changes in climate.

The carbon cycle is a part of the geochemical cycle which is a very important component of the climate system. The amount of carbon dioxide in the general atmosphere is influenced by the overall flow of carbon between the carbon dioxide, the ocean or water bodies and the and the biosphere. The carbon is related to the long term changes in the climate by virtue of the long term balance in the amount of carbon found in the atmosphere, earth crust and the ocean. The carbon cycle is what maintains the overall climatic condition through the temperature. Imbalance would lead to the death of plants and animals

2. Explain how energy and nutrients flow through ecosystems.

Both energy and inorganic nutrient are part of the ecosystem. The flow of these two is in a form of a cycle. Starting from the sun which is the ultimate source of all energy on the planet earth. However, the fate of all energy in the ecosystem is its loss in the form of heat. As organisms eat in the food chain they acquire the nutrient and energy. The flow of energy and nutrient in the ecosystem is through the food chain and the fate of final energy is through decomposition. However, even the autotrophs also produce their own food using the sun energy but are consumer by other plants and animals which are eventually eaten by other and later die and decompose to release energy. It is important to note that while the inorganic nutrient are cycled, the energy cannot be cycled

3. What are two major reasons we should care about human population growth.

First, human populations is an important component of the ecosystem as it helps the ecosystem t self perpetuate or balance. However with the high population growth, there is an imbalance as it leads to the destruction of the ecosystem in search of settlement and farming land.

Secondly, without caring about the human population growth, the food chain will be affected due to lack of food so human being will start consuming other important animals in the ecosystem. A broken food chain would lead to the elimination or extinction of some species.

4. Why is the human population currently experiencing exponential population growth after 10,000 years of fairly flat growth? How long can this growth pattern continue?

The human population is currently experiencing an exponential population growth because of the advanced medical technologies which has increased the life expectancy, and reduced the infant mortality rate. Additionally, human being has included a number of foods to their stock, for example people are eating more foods such as dog foods which were previously not being eaten. Finally, man has come to the top of the food chain so has a lot to eat. The growth pattern will continue for close to one million years when there will be less food and competition for food will be high.

5. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is currently growing in population. Please read the article from the Star Telegram, titled DFW_population.pdf located in the same location as this problem set. Discuss concerns about population growth at a local level using Dallas-Fort Worth to illustrate these issues.

The main concern include competition for the resources, and migration to other areas and this will eventually affect the nearby areas


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