Instructions for Final Project
Please write a six-page biography (do not submit your final in Q&A format) based on
your interviews with a woman of any race.
Suggested Questions for Interview (please ask the interviewee to give as many
examples as possible):
1. What are your name, race, age, and occupation?
2. Are you married? If so, would you like to describe how you met your husband and
why did you decide to marry him?
3. What is your view of marriage (in general)?
4. Growing up, were you told to behave a certain way to conform your gender identity?
5. In what way did you mother, grandmother, and other female relatives influence your
perception of gender?
6. In what way did male members of your family influence your perception gender?
7. What stories told to you about the lives of your mother and grandmothers influenced
your perception of gender?
8. Which women in your family had the greatest influence on your life?
9. Do you have children? If so, what are their genders? How have you taught them about
gender identity?
10. Outside of your family, was there a well-known woman who was your role model or
whom you admired? Who was she? Why did she inspire you?
11. Who were some of the important female figures during your lifetime? What did they
12. In what way did the culture you grew up in influence your perception of gender?
13. What movie, book, or TV program do you like to most? Why?
14. What are some problems you had to overcome in your life that you felt were related
to your being a woman?
15. How have ideas about women and women’s roles changed since you were a child?
What do you think about these changes?
16. Is gender equality very important to you? How so? What is your ideal of gender
17. What is your assessment of the level of gender equality in the United States?


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