According to your readings in Module 7, discuss arguments for AND against the use of the Internet as an intelligence gathering tool? With that in mind, how can domestic intelligence gathering become more efficient without violating civil liberties of U.S. citizens?
Post your initial response and read the postings of your instructor and other students. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ main posts. Be sure to view comments on your post and respond appropriately.

Education is generally thought to be a good thing, resulting in individual and societal improvement. And yet, so many who engage in political violence -past and present -come from the educated stratum of society.

For this discussion, you will need to research the Internet and other scholarly resources besides your textbook. Read about terrorist acts, past and present, which involved violators from educated backgrounds. Pay attention to discussions of the violators’ educational performance, peer group, educational institutions, social behavior, family background, financial status, mental disposition, involvement in petty crimes, etc.
When you are ready, respond with a substantial post to ONE (1) of the following. Make sure you indicate in your subject or title line to which question you are responding:
• Do you see any relationship -positive or negative – between domestic terrorism and higher education, especially at institutions known to attract radical students and faculty?
• To what degree, if any, should law enforcement authorities pay special attention to the activities taking place on the more radicalized college campuses (e.g. Harvard, Berkeley, other UC campuses)?
• Why do campus communities seem to have greater affinity with radical environmental groups, anti-war groups, and Marxist and other revolutionary organizations, than the public at large?
• Give examples of terrorists from educated backgrounds involved in domestic terrorism.


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