Kant’s argument on sex and marriage

Kant’s argument on sex and marriage is that sex should be exclusive for marriage. I do not agree with the Kantian argument because:

The exclusivity of sex makes it immoral for the unmarried people to have sex because premarital sex is immoral

The basis of people’s judgment on morality about sex, sexual preferences, frequency and partners is flawed and subjective

Sex between rational agents is moral but between irrational agreements is immoral as this may result into date rape. Therefore, sex is permissible outside marriage

Sex between two consenting adults cannot be considered morally problematic, but the two consenting adults decide to have sex mean they are of the right mind and so this is not immoral

One does not have to be in marriage to have sex because extra marital relation between consenting adults indicates an understanding and mutual preference

Rape Martin, p. 344

The argument of Martin on rape are very clear, however, i would like to disagree with him because:

Rape can only be bad when it is not done within the context of love. For example, the rapist may be in love with the victim

Rape may be a date rape where two consenting adults involve in premarital sex or extramarital sex and one party get hurt in the process.

Rape can only be bad, if the act has an impact on the person of the victim i.e. forced penetration hurting the victim.

It is also hard to quantify the damage or injury forcing the people involved to guess the extent of the impact.

Sex can be done without love especially in rape. This mean that it has happened outside marriage because one gives in to the rapists to avoid beign killed (self-preservation).


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