HP Workstation xw6000.

My desktop computer is a HP Workstation xw6000. I named it after my mother because she is gentle and sensitive. She is also a workaholic and can run for over four weeks. My computer stays one for close to 20 hours per day because I am studying, doing my assignment or just exploiting my programming hobby.

I am using the Compaq multimedia keyboard. The Compaq keyboard is very intuitive and the user interface is ergonomically designed to help improve my experience while using the key board. Its soft and not much pressure is needed. Though it is an old PS2 keyboard, I love its design and soft, sensitive keys. However, the keyboard is a little noisy, and has the clicking sound though this does not bother me because I enjoy the touch and feel more than the sound

The letters on the key are not raised per se, they are just printed on the keyboard, but are not easily rubbed off despite my constant use over the last one year. While using the keyboard, I rest my wrist on the table because the keyboard has the minimalist design, which to me is another benefit. I use the external mouse, which is more interesting. I have the original hp optimal mouse, which is very smooth and sensitive over all surfaces.

The keys that I rarely use and may have never used at all scroll lock, page up and page down. I believe they are there to improve user experience, especially because of their short cut functionality, but I have other tricks I use instead of using these keys.

Yes, it is difficult to switch to other keyboard because I have used the American keyboard for long such that when I try to use the UK keyboard I get confused. For example, the key @ and “are interchanged in both the keyboards. I am used to the American keyboard now.


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