Consultancy Proposal

Prepared for

LIME Company


X Consultant

Report Version: 0.1


Table of Contents

1. 1. Situation summary.. 3

1.1…… Introduction. 3

1.1.1 The benefits of the assessment: 3

1.1.2 The marketing assessment will be performed by: 3

1.2…… Performance problems. 3

1.3…… Statement of intent 4

2. Objectives. 5

3. 3. Methodology.. 6

3.1…… The employees. 6

3.2…… Customers. 6

3.3…… The government 7

4. 4. Strategic intent. 8

4.1…… 4.1Creating value. 8

4.2…… 4.2 Leverage Triple play package. 8

5. Key competitive strategy.. 9

5.1…… Retargeting, 9

5.2…… Corporate social responsibility for strategic advantage. 9


6.1…… About X consultants. 11

6.1.1 History, team and values. 11

6.1.2 Our Partnership. 12

6.1.3 Our capabilities. 12

7. The determinant factors in pricing.. 14

7.1…… Increase market share. 14

7.2…… Revenue growth. 14

7.3…… Touch base with the customers. 14

7.4…… Research, development and analytics. 15

8. Budgetary allocation/ consultancy fees. 18

9. Terms and Conditions. 19

10. Conclusion.. 20

11. Bibliography.. 21

1. Situation Summary

1.1 Introduction

X consultants here after known as the consultant is pleased to submit our proposal for the marketing and competitiveness consultancy to your company LIME here after known as the client/customer t serve as your marketing consultant. This proposal will serve as road map to our marketing consultancy engagement, the services we will deliver and the terms and condition of the engagement. This proposal will also include the schedule, the responsibilities and the staff required to oversee the progress.

1.1.1 The benefits of the assessment:

To help your company identify the main inefficiencies resulting from skimping in research adv development

Analyze your conman’s account management strategies

Analyze your company’s pricing and promotion strategies with the view of helping the company optimize its prices for the market

Identify gaps in the company’s marketing and provide solution.

Provide the company with an actionable roadmap for its marketing departments based on your company’s budget and marketing needs

1.1.2 The marketing assessment will be performed by:

Constant collaboration with your teams to provide an in-depth analysis of the company’s business, strategy, and marketing goals

Review the company’s existing marketing strategy, plans and, resources

Suing the best in class industry methodologies and strategies to review s the company performance in the market

Provide the company with aver clearly articulate recommendation report to review its operational and business

1.2 Performance Problems

Even with revenue of US$2.9bn, and EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) of US$905m, the company CWC has not met its expected fiscal performance standards. According to CWC, (2012), the company is currently operating a in a very attractive and competitive market where resources are scarce and profits seems to rise, but competition is stringent than before. LIME is one company that has contributed to CWC’s overall performance over the years was impressive within faster growth in terms of both customer base and revenue. However, over the last two years Lime’s growth has declined by nearly 4%. Therefore, despite its plan to execute its strategy to maintain profitability and while continuing to deploy innovative communication, entertainment and information product that add value to its customer’s lives, the company market share has declined.

The company has lost close to 5% of its market share to its competitors in the market and the main threat in the Caribbean. On the other hand, the company market share is currently dwindling and the loss of customer is because of the company’s falling customer relation standards. This proposal seeks to get the company to realize its unpiloted potential in the market, the opportunities, and to explore avenues the company can leverage to improve its market share and customer services. Because in the Cable and Wireless telecoms industry, customer service is the main pillar, while capital planning and execution is the secondary pillar. If any company is to succeed in the cable and wir3less telecoms, capital planning and execution, executive credit control and customer focus are very important.

1.3 Statement Of Intent

The company needs retarget to drive growth and revenue. The company fiscal report attached indicates a fall in the company price share and revenue over the last three years. This can directly be attributed to the company reduction in budgetary allocation for marketing and promotion. Additionally, the company’s products cannot compete effectively with the products of its competitors because the competitor has the critical masses necessary for lower process and wide distribution. Therefore the main idea is to help the company recapture is lost market share and improve its revenue before roiling out other innovative product. We as the consultants have realised that there is much more to be done to compete against established companies such as Digicel. It need more than strategy formulation, but also the formulation of actionable strategy and executing them based on the market knowledge. Therefore, we hereby present our proposal to work with your staff to turn the company around.

2. Objectives

The company aims to achieve the following objectives

Help the company regain its original market share

Help the company retarget effectively in all business areas including innovation, strategy, and communication

3.Landline: Help the company introduce new and innovative products and services that would supplement its Calling plans, Netspeak, Support

Internet: Help the company to price its products effectively in consideration of the prevailing market situation. This would reflect the company’s core values of value to the customers. This will affect only the broad band plans, modem internet speed and devices internet speed

5.Business model: Help the company to develop a new business model that would spur the company to a new level of service delivery. In this way enabling the company to focus more on the customers and not revenue

Mobile- deliver more value to the customers through their devices both android and ios

Help the company to introduces a new innovative and targeted rewards scheme that would improve customer engagement, customer loyalty, and deliver value to the customers

3. Methodology

Assisting the company in achieving these objectives would entail developing a number of strategic groups and join a number of strategic partnerships with both the employees, customers, the government and other companies. While the mode of delivery will mainly be training of the respective stakeholders, the consultant will ensure they their continued stay within the company is both beneficial and effective as the consultant will training and implement some of the key plans

3.1 The Employees

The employee will be trained on a number of strategic marketing processes that they can use to reach out to their customer base and attract new customers.

Help the employee know how to assess the risk and opportunities before they invest their capital or make business decisions

Train the management on how to align the company’s CSR strategies with the company’s overall goals and capabilities (Armstrong, 2006, Brendan, Edvinsson, &, Tord, 2000; Menon, et al, 1999, pp. 18–40)

Train the management on how to evaluate their ongoing CSR initiatives and learn how to consolidate their efforts around the company’s key objectives

Present to the company a compelling case of corporate social responsibility initiatives

Help the management lean how to cost effectively implement CSR at all levels

Help the company initiative strategic partnership by teaching o the management on how they can interact with key internal and external stakeholder as well as government (Banterle,et al,2013; Liu, Eng, &, Takeda, 2013; Huang, Chang, &, Henderson, 2008, pp. 621–657)

3.2 Customers

Customer focus does not only require engagement, but also giving back the community CSR. Therefore, the consultant will ensure that they help the company to develop strategic partnerships with the society and start initiatives that would reflect the company’s intention and values

Help the company to create competitive advantage through its corporate social responsibility

The customers will be consulted o various products and serviced issues. The customer will be trained to become the company’s brand ambassadors

3.3 The Government

Consult the government in various regulatory issues that plague the private sectors

Work with the government to identify and initiate social programs that would bring innovative solution to the society’s problems while creating value to the company.

4. Strategic Intent

4.1 Creating Value

Currently the company ranges of products cover all aspects of telecoms. From pay TV the triple play packages for broadband and landline services with the LIM TV, internet connection and the rest, the company’s products and service range is diverse enough. The company therefore needs to focus on how to improve its services. For example, the main aims of all the products and service consumer is to get value of their money. Never the less, the company needs sot focus on how much it can deliver value to the customer through its existing products and service in order to gain a competitive advantage (Shaw, 2012, pp. 30-55; Homburg, Kuester, &, Krohme, 2009).

4.2 Leverage Triple Play Package

The company triple play package, which was just rolled out, has become a household name within the first half of 2013, but the company does not seem to realize the benefit of exploiting its current opportunities (Katsikeas, Samiee, &, Theodosiou, 2006, pp. 867–890).

5. Key Competitive Strategy

5.1 Retargeting,

The company does not only to focus on its current customer share, to drive growth; the company should focus on how to convert its previous customer who showed greater potential. Retargeting helps the company to modify its marketing strategies in line with the buyer behaviours. At the strategic level, the company must consider customer behaviours as the key to its success (Drucker, 1954; Selznick, 1957; Markides, 1999, pp55–63). The company’s brand is already a household name in the cable and wireless market, helping the brand gain traction and recognition in the Caribbean is the most important thing for the company. The potential benefits of retargeting are mainly Customer conversion. Retargeting does not only help the company attracts new customers, but also helps the company to converts its potential customers, and leads into business. Over the past three years, the company has invested significantly in marketing and business promotion, however, the customer who showed interested did not purchase from the company because they company’s level of customer engagement was low. If the company is to convert business leads, and prospects, it has to increase its customer engagement (Watts, 1996, pp. 53–69)

5.2 Corporate Social Responsibility For Strategic Advantage

Corporate conscience is one of the main strategies that companies have used in the past to reposition their business and engage their stakeholder at the business and the strategic level. According to Sheng, Chang, Teo, &, Lin, (2013, pp. 51-65), firms can leverage CSR to gain a strategic advantage. Shu, et al, (2013), also argues that the main factors that position are corporate social responsibility as a strategic tool include their centrality, specificity, proactively, voluntarism and visibility. Therefore, any company that intends to use CSR for strategic benefits must ensure that it pursues relevant corporate social responsibility activities in the community that reflected its goals, strategy, and values (Kvint, 2009; Wiersema, 1992, pp. 73–94; Fombrun, &, Ginsberg, 1990, pp. 297–308; Schot, 1992, pp. 35–44).

According to Simonin (1999, pp. 595–623), senior corporate executives need to find creative and innovative ways of addressing social, economic as well as environmental affects. Integrating CSR with the company competitive strategy is very important. Therefore, not all CSR can be used to achieve strategic advantage. The company must only invest in relevant and specific CSR, that are sure to bring business to the company. By aligning CSR with the company’s strategy, the company defines its priorities in a way that the social and business values are built. The management must position their company, the company’s reputation as well as its business strategy for long-term success (Hull, & Hubbard, 1980; Gilbert, 2013, pp. 26–43)


The consultant has extensive experience in helping companies gain faster turnaround. For example, we can help LIME find solution and also uncover all the opportunities that will return a wining competitive positions and ROI. We believe that as a company facing challenges in a field that it has dominated for long, every strategic challenge is a special opportunity in disguise. One of the key facts that we have realised from our research is that your company has never implemented any new strategy that can create organic interest in the market. The company’s competition Device has actively exploited all the opportunities that can be thought of. They are competitive in price, products and customer service. Therefore, in order to beat Digicel and increase market share, your company has to rely on the innovative solution provided by X consultant. Below is our company’s profile:

6.1 About X Consultants

6.1.1 History, team and values

X consultants was founded in 1999, and has since expanded to have officers worldwide the company has successfully brought clear thinking to varies companies irrespective of their complex issues. Every company’s management is ambitions, but the complexity in the business environment characterised by rapid, volatile and discontinuous changes has thwarted the plans of any ambitious managements. While we offices in many countries, our company thinks globally and acts locally and has worked with high profile private and public companies tom create exciting solution and opportunities

Our company does not only offer empty promises that are not actionable, we provide working solution and help you implement them. Our refund program is also part and parcel of the contract such that we fail to deliver; your company stands to benefit from the full refund. We believe that only creative, provocative and actionable strategies.

Our values transcend profits because we focus on solving complex strategic challenge using unconventional solutions. We believe on close collaborations wit our customers because engagement is significantly correlated to success. We collaborate to make strategies actionable.

6.1.2 Our Partnership

Our partners come from diverse backgrounds but with commercial experience that they have gained from consulting and non-consulting practise. Our strategies are founded on theory and experience. Our company in collaboration with our partners will adopt your company’s problems as our own and deliver an outstanding turnaround within a short time

6.1.3 Our capabilities

Our company‘s capabilities is reflected in our consultants experience and competence as well as our partnerships experiences. We have extensive experience in strategy formulation and implementations. We have helped many companies in different industries find lasting solution to their problems. The practical and actionable solutions are mainly drawn from skill and experience that the employees and partners have gained over their years of service at work and as consultants/ the collaborative relationship with develops with our customers is underpinned on intellectual breadth and depth. In as much as our teams are known to listen carefully to organizational problems, we find strength in our ability to speak our minds especially when it comes to defending the salutation that we known can work for the client.

The company’s range of competence and capabilities include transaction to strategy realization. The capabilities are mainly derived from skill acquired over the years and dedication to customers’ future performances:


Consultants’ qualification and experience

Number of consultants

Corporate strategy

Former managers, CEO, board members, and MBA graduates


Business strategy

MBA’s from ivy league school, former CEO’s and entrepreneurs


Strategic realisation

Trained and bred consultants, and former managers


Transaction support

Business managers, fresh graduates, and asset managers from across the world


Corporate strategy – what investment and deployment of (usually scarce) resource will produce the greatest shareholder value?

Business strategy – what’s our best route to rapid and profitable growth? A new proposition or being more effective with what we have? Brand extension or change of direction? National or overseas? Organic investment or acquisition?

Strategic realisation – how can we most rapidly and effectively achieve our strategic priorities and simultaneously outperform our competitors?

Transaction support – how do we make the right deal (acquisition or disposal) and what does it take to make it succeed?

7. The Determinant Factors In Pricing

Out company is confident about the solution we provide to our customers. The company’s main pillar is its in-depth analysis and understanding of the client’s business before placing a formal inquiry. Some of the most important factors we take into consideration for your company’s consultancy proposal are size of the company, its products, and the market focus. The geographical spread of LIME Limited and the competitive position are also very important. In consideration of the company’s competitive position, we aim to improve the company’s competitive advantage based on the management’s ambition, target and goals and unveil a new strategy aimed at operational excellence (Schot, 1992, pp. 35–44).

7.1 Increase Market Share

Based on the company’s resource availability, we aims to help the company gain a significant market share 3% by the end of the first quarter. The company should also be in a competitive position to gain a 6% of the market share by the third quarter through a set of coordinated strategies, well calculated to turn leads into business and retain the existing customer base.

7.2 Revenue Growth

We aim to help your company raise its revenue and value because this is the goal of any organization, but we cannot do it alone without the support for your company. This means that we have to work with your and amongst your to create a lasting value and improve the stream of cash flows. Winning strategies can only be developed through strategic collaboration because other companies such as Digicel have successes in and a sector that your company has operated in for long. In as much as we are discouraging emulating successful company, it is important to note that Digicel has successfully operated in the Caribbean because of its constant synergy and collaboration with the customers.

7.3 Touch Base With The Customers

The Caribbean is a very open market where cultural diversity plays a very important role. It is therefore your duty to ensure that the number of customer contact point is increased. This means that the company has to develop strategies by which more customers can be reached at personal level to make them believe that the LIME cares for them individually and not en mass. In this regards, we have the labours force, and strategies that can effectively meet the customer at the personal level (Fombrun, &, Ginsberg, 1990, pp. 297–308).

7.4 Research, Development And Analytics

While they have all the information required in readiness for further analysis and strategy development, we also know the importance of research and development. Out company will help your company create channels by which the company can improve customer responsiveness. We have helped many companies create customer centric organization irrespective of the market, the products under consideration as well as the channel strategy. E realise that what your company misses is account management, optimizing execution, actual files sales as well as pricing. We can help your company developed a pricing strategy that can effectively meet the customer’s expectation and the companies pricing goals. An optimized pricing strategy is therefore very important for the future of the company as it will endear the customers to the products and services offered by your company.


By Whom



Main Task

The Team

And activities















Market Analysis

The Whole Team


McKinsey 7S Framework[2]

Porter five forces analysis

3 Months

Market Research

The CEO, And The Senior Consultants

Examine Potential Sales Of A Product Or Service

Develop great new products

Analyse facts, figures and numbers


Marketing Reporting

The CEO, And The Company’s Staff

Prepare reports of findings, illustrating data graphically and translating complex findings into written text.

Gather data on competitors and analyze their prices, sales, and method of marketing and distribution.

Devise and evaluate methods and procedures for collecting data

Measure the effectiveness of marketing, advertising, and communications programs and strategies

Forecast and track marketing and sales trends, analyzing collected data.


Strategy Formulation And Implementation

The Entire Team, And The Company’s Staff


Re-Evaluation And Reengineering

6 Months

Training Of The Company’s Staff

Hanging Over

8. Budgetary Allocation/ Consultancy Fees

Find below our precise consultancy fees for the whole work from day one to the last day of the project. It is however, important to note that both upwards and downwards variation will be considered in case of any budget overruns. Our pricing system is the lampsum system in which we quite the overall price we want for the whole process and the factors that we have taken into consideration include salary cost, the statutory charges, overheads, direct cost as well as the profit which is the 30% of all the other costs.

Par month


Amount in $

Salary Costs


45 people


Social Charges & statutory charges







Direct Costs





Profit 30%




While the company evaluates our company’s experience and delivery potential, we would like to the company to note that we above quotation is subject to revision based on a number of factors that shall be discussed on demand. It is also important to note that any other cost variation will be paid or reimbursed as the client agrees with the company. The lam spume fee will be valid for only one year beyond which a different pricing strategy will be adopted

Our company relationship with the previous customer’s was very unique and was of mutual benefit to the us and your company/

9. Terms And Conditions

The company term and condition that apply in relation to this proposal include the privileges that you the client have. For example the fee for the projects, the amount to be paid and time to be paid. This section also details ahoy expenses will be reimbursed. The terms of engagement will be as follows: the duration of the work will be as shown below:

Length 1 year and the Hourly rate: $41 for 8 hours per day x 30 days billable per monthly. Other rates are as show n in the budget above. The client will take care of any extra expenses uncured during the normal working hours such as tea, lunch and supper, per diem as well as other consumables.

In as much as we may engage our partners to perform specific tasks of the engagement, it is important to note that we retain the respsonbiklity when it comes to executing and agreements. The consultant will not assign our duties or ultimate rights to the outsiders. The company will invoice your company to steal from 20%n of the billable hours at the end of every month

10. Conclusion

In conclusion, I would like to say how happy we are to have presented the proposal for your review. As you as your company accepts this proposal the company will write a comprehensive statement of the required work. In case of any question or further clarification about the proposal, please inform eh underlined, or directly through mobile phone and or email.


[Provider Contact/Rep. First/Last Name]

[Contact Title]

[Company Name]

11. Bibliography

Simonin, B. L. (1999), Ambiguity and the process of knowledge transfer in strategic alliances.Strat.Mgmt.J.,20: 595–623.doi: 10.1002/(SICI)1097-0266(199907)20:7<595::AID-SMJ47>3.0.CO;2-5

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[1] SWOT Analysis is a useful technique for understanding your Strengths and Weaknesses, and for identifying both the Opportunities open to you and the Threats you face. Used in a business context, a SWOT Analysis helps you carve a sustainable niche in your market. Used in a personal context, it helps you develop your career in a way that takes best advantage of your talents, abilities and opportunities

[2] Developed in the early 1980s by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman, two consultants working at the McKinsey & Company consulting firm, the basic premise of the model is that there are seven internal aspects of an organization that need to be aligned if it is to be successful. The 7S model can be used in a wide variety of situations where an alignment perspective is useful, for example, to help you:

a) Improve the performance of a company.

b) Examine the likely effects of future changes within a company.

c) Align departments and processes during a merger or acquisition.

d) Determine how best to implement a proposed strategy.

The McKinsey 7S model can be applied to elements of a team or a project as well. The alignment issues apply, regardless of how you decide to define the scope of the areas you study.


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