Building a promotional campaign strategy for a product

The marketing strategy will be built starting with the definition of the objecpves of the marketing campaign, linking the objectives to the commoving and defining the target market. The team will then establish value proposition upon which the marketing campaign will be founded and this will either be to a niche based or cost leadership. The team will then select the promotional tools in this case; the team will use both social media and conventional print and radio Ads. The team will then establish the call to action, which will target mainly the high-end customer living in the richer suburbs or part of the city first (Schultz, & Schultz, 1998, pp. 9-26).

The anticipated customer touch points include Facebook, twitter, blogs, and the company’s website. Here, the management will respond to all the customer’s queries. The company measurement and control system will also be set to benchmark the marketing camping achievement and ROI. The management will measure the overall leads, prospects and any sales conversion from the campaigns.

Finally, the management will launch its marketing plan adapt the marketing plan based on the actual performance. The management to ensure that the goals and objecpves of the marketing campaign are met will then evaluate the integrated marketing comjucnation and adjust the plan accordingly (Clow, &, Baack, 2006, p. 108)

Measuring Campaign effectiveness

Marketing campaign effectiveness is measured because of the following reasons:

1. Avoid costly mistakes- without measuring campaign effectiveness, the company cannot determine the ROI and might invest a lot is low value campaign. It is a costly mistake to invest in an ineffective campaign.

2. Evaluate alternative strategies- marketer must determine the most effectives campaign strategy before their implement it. The only way to determine the most effective alternative is through measuring the effectiveness of different strategies

3. Increase the efficiency of advertising- advertisings should measure the effectiveness of campaign in order to increase the overall efficiency by allocating more resources- money, time, and human resources in order to increase the coverage


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