Third Paper Assignment

Analyze and explain one of the major events in the modern history of American foreign relations from the vantage point of (at least) one of the methods we have examined. Consider the key decisions or events, and make the case why these are best explained via a particular method.
To date, we have considered the frameworks of national security and ideology. Our August 6 discussion will look at the role of domestic politics. Our August 13 readings include an essay on race. Other items in the First chapter of Merrill and Paterson consider the roles of culture, gender, and bureaucratic politics. You are welcome to consider any and all of these.
Make judicious use of primary source evidence, as well as the relevant methodological essay. You will also want to consult a relevant history book (such as Rosenberg, Lawrence, LefFler, etc), but be careful not to let the author’s argument subsume your own.
NB: Do not feel strictly limited to one method; you may feel free to make alterations or qualiFications that incorporate the perspectives of at least one other approach. Historians feel free to do that, but are also cognizant of the perils of applying too many approaches at once.
Papers should be 5 pages in length, with endnotes preferred (and not counted against the page length).
Papers are due on August 13 in class


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