The Tweaker

What does the author of the article say about Steve Jobs’ genius? What type of genius was he?

Steve Jobs is considered a perfectionist. He was a modern day tweaked who only inherit the things as they are and modify them to develop a perfect solution. Steve Jobs is considered as a tweaked because he was a neurotic perfectionist who would go to any length to realize his design goals. He says I know it when I see it, and would not settle for less.

The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper, and re-imagines the world. The tweaker inherits things as they are, and has to push and pull them toward some more nearly perfect solution. That is not a lesser task.

What are the comparisons that the author draws between Jobs and the ‘tweaker’ of the Industrial Revolution?

While the tweakers of the industrial revolution were more focused on making the signature inventions work by refining and perfecting them. Steve Jobs was forced on the look and feel of the product. He was concerned about the design and not the functionality. Additionally, while the industrial revolution tweaker were concerned about innovating micro inventions with the aim of improving productivity and return on investment Jobs was concerned about the product design and architecture

Do you think the comparison is valid?

Yes, the comparison is valid. Most of the apple’s products had similar features but with different design. He was not concerned about the functionality of his products, but invested in making perfect design. Steve jobs did not focus on bringing new functionality to the apple products and less was spent on functionality than on user interface. Finally, most of the people’s claims over patent were about the core functionality not the design of his products. The core functionality of most products was borrowed from other people but the design interfaces were his work. Therefore, he did not improve functionality, but the design.

What impact do you think the ‘tweakers’ had on the Industrial Revolution? What was the argument that the author quotes about tweakers and their impact, and do you buy it?

The tweakers had greater impact on industrial revolution because they improved the output and functionality of the original inventions. For example, they improved the output of the spinning mule from 100 to 1000 yarns. Additionally, they improve the features of the original product to make them more autonomous by automating some features. Yes, I buy the argument about tweakers because they formed the basis of modern day innovation. Many companies have developed their products on the original tweaker ideas. Their tweaks accelerated the industrial revolution by mechanizing most inventions.


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