The world is a fascinating and difficult place and to take full advantage of what the planet has to offer, we need to see and hear natural things. The reasons provided support the above conclusion because:

The issue is that children have become accustomed to their gizmos such that they considered being in a state of trance

People get bored in the absence of engaging activities

Children are not playing or living, they are not actually enjoying the life offered by Mother Nature as they have divided attention (multitasking).

People live in their own small world where they communicate with distance people and not people around them

Finally, children are preoccupied with their gizmos to the extent of worshiping them. Today a child can play video games with his peers for over two months without bothering to know their real names. This is called social degeneration


The reasons for the more successful adults were praised for effort supports the conclusion

Relying on smartness can be defective because it makes one to overrate his abilities

Children should be motivated to work hard and not be praised for being smart because they can think highly of themselves

Smart children are not motivated to work hard as they chose problems that they can easily solve to ace the class

The average intelligent kids who are motivated a challenged to work hard can perform better than the super smart kids can


The reason for Bystanders should speak up and make it clear that behavior will not be tolerated supports the conclusion

Complacency allows bullying to thrive in school

Bullies take advantage of the situation especially when no one stands up to them

Complacency makes the unbilled children terrified, as they fear being the next victim

Bystanders motivate bullies when they sit passively while bullies rein terror.


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