Response to articles

Essay 1: It Will Cost You More Not to Go written by Alexandra Zomorodian


Alexandra Zomorodian has introduced direct quoits and college clichés to hook the reader to the articles. While reading this introduction, one is likely be interested in knowing more about the college life and what it means to be a college students both the good and the bad life. However, the students have not added the thesis statements.


The students has not clearly indicated the criteria, but it can be delineated from the financial information, and personal stories of successful entrepreneurs who all happen to be college dropouts,


The student has also explained his points clearly making the essay both balanced and incisive. However, the students should have separated the points clearly using sub headings for coherence


The student has included a concluding statement that confirms his position on the college education. However, he has not provided proffers references from authority in the same, and there are no academic journals to backup the arguments made by the author.

Readability and Originality

Based the above argument, it is clear that the writer has tried, but the readability of the paper can be rated as four out if five. In terms of originality, the paper scores five as it is engaging, objective and balanced

At which point did you feel most interested by this piece? When least?

From the second paragraph, the paper started being griping and unputdownable as it explain the college life and goes into details with examples including financial information. However, the author needs to consider more case of college dropouts who have made it in the corporate world and those who have failed. He has not considered the possible impact of other factors outside the financial domain such as social factors and political factors

Essay 2: Starbucks written by Matt Wright


Though Matt Wright did not indicate that this is the introduction, it is clear that he has made a mark with his hook. He has crafted the hook by introducing a contradicting statement about the effects of coffee. He states “One hundred cups of coffee will kill you” I didn’t know that, I am hooked into reading the rest of the paper


The author has made his criteria clear because he has provided adequate information to backup his claim about star bucks, tea, their services, packing and the rest,. The essay is engaging and relatable. His style of writing is also easy to understand and the flow of information is exceptional

Evaluation – Does the author fully evaluate the subject through each criteria point? Is the reasoning well explained?


Despite the quality of arguments, his concluding statement is not convincing. He could have reiterated his point of view. His use of internet slang makes it more realistic and targeted. Additional, his has used a lot of interjection throughout the essay and this makes it a little vague for an academic paper.

Readability and originality

The paper scores low on readability (3 out of 5), but scores high o originality (5 out of 5) because of the low of information and in-depth research.

At which point did you feel most interested by this piece? The flow of the paper makes me read almost throughout the paper. The hook is unique and relatable, and the information flow makes the paper worth reading t the final statement.


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