1. As the curtain opens, the world of the play is revealed to us. We learn from the dialogue and the actions what the world is like for these characters. However, the action of the play disturbs that world, so that it changes. At the conclusion of the play there is a different world order. Choose one of the plays and compare and contrast the order at the beginning of the play and that at the end. How does that affect the reader/audience?

2. The setting of the play has a part in creating the tension or conflict in the play. The environment of this world affects the way we see people and their situations. In what way does the setting affect our understanding of the meaning of the play? How does the setting affect the actions of the characters? Use examples from each play
the setting helps in conjuring the image of the actual place. It creates a vivid image of the actual setting in which the play is supposedly acted. For example, in rising in the sun, the setting is in Woodlawn Chicago. It usher the audience to the life in America, a life in which the black are not supposed to live amongst the white. The author uses the setting to demonstrate to the reader the challenges of living in America where dreams wither like raisin in the sun

3. It could be said that each of the plays we read has a theme of justice. They ask the question about what is right or just in this case. We are not talking about the legality of justice, but the ethics of what is just or right. Perhaps you might think of it as justice tempered with mercy. In what way is that theme developed in each of the three plays?

4. A Raisin in the Sun takes its title from the Langston Hughes poem “A Dream Deferred.” The poem is a warning. In what way does the audience of this play see that warning? How does that title work in explaining what is happening in this play?

The poem is a warning to the family who are moving to a new house but with a bleak future. In the same way, “raising in the sun” is used in Harlem to explain the possible consequences of dream For example, the family will move to a new home but their dream, of a happy future will wither instead of blooming, the black family will have a deferred dream once they get to their new house. Walter and Ruth Younger and their son Travis will have a deferred dream just like raisin in the sun is not succulent as they lose their jounce as soon as they get to the sun. The family will defer their dream as they get to the new house. Their dream will dry up like a raisin in the sun.


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