Personal statement

Growing up, I have been exposed to transportation side of the business and my parents have always wondered why I never talked about taking course in transport management. However, looking back at the number of arguments we have had with my family, I realized that telling them about me taking on transport management would mean I don’t go to a prestigious school because there are many middle level colleges offering transport management. I just wanted to tell my friends and family that I would not be in the family transport business while actually preparing to be the best transport and supply chain manager. I want to be in the family business, but I want to make it better by introducing leaner methods of running the transport business.

I want to surprise my friends and relatives by demonstrating to them how much training in supply chain management can improve the profitability, efficiently, effectiveness and family’s income because supply chain management is not just another course in The Ohio State University. I want to demonstrate to them that the family business can benefit from new technologies and new approaches to procurements such as sustainable and ethical procurement, and demand planning.

Additionally, I want to surprise my family by introducing leaner, optimized system where decisions are data driven and founded on theory and practice, and not the traditional family methods. I want to learn about stochastic model, optimization models, and learn how to use simulation to reach the most optimal solution and reap profit for the family. Above all, I want to surprise my family and friends by introducing them to a new world of challenges and possibly create employment for many more people by driving growth and revenue. I hope my humble request shall meet the university’s kindest consideration


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