The book of odyssey is about perseverance, loyalty and suffering. The theme of perseverance is come on book five, nine and ten. For example in book five, Odysseus perseveres the punishment meted upon him by Zeus before Athenes begged Zeus for his forgiveness. In book nine, Odysseus is held captive by Calypso, which he perseveres until the end. In book ten, Odysseus perseveres the storm during their nine days of sailing before the crew opened the sack and the nine days of sail is lost as the storm winds rage out and push the ship backwards. He almost commits suicide but decides to raw the boat back to Aiolia to request for further help


In chapter five, Odysseus receives hospitality from a unique corner. When Athenes begged Zeus to forgive him, Zeus did not only offer his forgiveness, but also asks Hermes to go to Calypso to free him and to build him a raft for escaping while offering him protection. In book nine, Odysseus is offered hospitality by Cyclops is however, in BOOK nine, the most interesting part about the theme of hospitality is that Odysseus land in Aiolia, and offered the greatest hospitality and support by the king of Aiolia known as Aiolos the god of the great winds. Additionally, Aiolos gives them a sack as a gift home, but to their chagrin, his crew only to cause the storm winds to push them back opens the bad of winds.


Odyssey also presents the theme of revenge when Zeus punishes him for dishonesty. Additionally, in book five Poseidon revenges the mockery he had received from Odysseus when he returned from the edge if the world where he went roaming. Pseidon sends a stone that almost wrecks Odysseus raft and nearly downing Odysseus. In book nine, Odysseus revenges against Polyphemos the Cyclops. first he drives a stake into his left remaining eye and blinds him, then he gets to the sea with his crew and boasts to him about his name being Odysseus the son of Laertes from Ithaka and there raider of cities. On the other hand, Polyphemos is also sets out to revenge against Odysseus by hurling stones it his boat killing Odysseus men and sending the boat out of the sea. Polyphemos also begs Zeus to curse Odysseus. in book ten, Antiphates the king of Laistrygones, kills Odysseus men and drinks their blood out of anger as a way of revenging Odysseus wrong doings in other lands


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