Right now in Asia, everyone is slowly coming to terms with the fact that most of their development agenda may not come true. Asia is one of the emerging economies, but competition in the market is stiff for both romance and profit. Perhaps the relationship between the two should be studied because there seems to be a significant correlation between falling in love and becoming filthy rich in Asia. However, it becomes apparently clear that love is more valuable than wealth because the protagonist had only over at the time of his death.

The search

Poverty can be a very strange and scary animal for anybody living in an emerging economy like assai. However, many struggles to walk away from generational poverty and this usually ends in heartbreak as struggles become futile. However for the few who get a chance to become rich, they have one thing in common, they work hard, live less, and die poor. For those who find love, they live a double life because along the way, there will be a sidekick from extra martial affairs. One is the woman who remains at home to take care of your family, the other is the ceremonial, or ornamental trophy for public appearance and private escapades. That is the same storyline about “How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia”

Asia is a competitive market, everything is increasingly becoming expensive and many at turning to menial unskilled labor. Despite everybody preaching about hard work, not many who work hard realize their Asian dreams and just lie businesses fail, love at times fail, but the best businesses survive the storm of life, and so is the best love. People have to quit cowering because faint heart never worn affair lady. Only the strong survive in a market where airlines fail. The only business that survive are the only that can adjust their strategies in order to remain relevant in them market


While it is agreeable with the comment that t "…As far as getting rich is concerned, love can be an impediment. Yes, the pursuit of love and pursuit of wealth have much in common," made by Hamid,(2013), everyone can attest to this because the entrepreneurs has to struggle to make things right, strategize, meet clients at wrong hours, and only spend less than 5% of this time with the family while the rest are spent chasing customers, business deals, and money. Love needs more than courage because to be successful, everyone ended to courageously make decisions knowing too well the probable consequences of trying. Everyone is only seven steps from getting rich, but only the courageous and ambitious survive. Therefore, with courage both financial breakthrough and love is possible, but without courage, everyone struggles hard and dies poor and lonely because they did not have thud courage to find love. On one fails to find love, poverty is attracted. Nevertheless, when one finds love, the same courage motivates individuals to work hard to provide for their love, and loved ones

Love, wealth, and exist strategy

In as much as love and money is two deferent things, they are compatible, and supplementary. However, when one decides to pursue money without any exit strategy in life, money becomes useless because there are thieving relatives to contend with at old age. However, with love the exit strategy is considerably reliable because at the death bed one does not have any use t all the many, they acquired, but only the love, and children they had. Love endures, and is long-suffering, but wealth flies. Everyone struggles to be super rich, but none expects to be headed towards his or her ruin. In as much as most rags to riches stories are true, it is quite clear that the wealthy die poor and lonely because wealth may not last but love lasts.

Loge is better than wealth because at the very beginning one may have all the money they can ever think off, but without anyone to spend the money with, it useless to the wealthy because at the end o the day, no one can use wealth to find love. Wealth induced love is very tricky because then it is not love but last, but real love transcends all societal normal, opinion, and values. Love stays even in the absence of wealth; on the other hand, wealth becomes an elusive when love is absent. This is because love inspires you to go out and seek wealth, but wealth sends you out not spend. If you find love when you are rich, then love will leave you when you are poor but if you find love when you are poor, it stays your whole life.

Love, wealth and chance happenings

Again, wealth can be a chance happening, but love is rare to find but when cultured, it becomes the only wealth that the family have. You should not seek love when you are wealthy because you are not sure, when you find love or find a gold digger or an opportunist. Both men and women who find love when poor find lasting love, but those who find love when they are wealthy, find heartbreaks and live an insecure life. They may even die young once they write their wills because the only thing that brings the love is the wealth. According to Hamid, (2013), “There are forks in the road to wealth that have nothing to do with choice or desire or effort, forks that have to do with chance, and in your case, the order of your birth is one of these.” he argues that you may be like a “a tiny skeleton in a small grave at the base of a tree,” but you need school to get the knowledge, however, without the exposure, a fool and his money will soon be parted but he who finds a good woman finds prosperity, and god health

Love and development

According to Hamid, (2013), those who find love develop into a society of the wealthy especially when they find love in poverty and work from rags to riches. They develop a new gene of wealthy children who work hard to become wealthy. It is important to note that relevance of his sentence “You embody one of the great changes of your time,” he continues to write that those who find love multiply. Consider the paragraphs bellow,

“Where once your clan was innumerable, not infinite but of a large number not readily known, now there are five of you. Five. The fingers on one hand, the toes on one foot, a minuscule aggregation when compared with shoals of fish or flocks of birds or indeed tribes of humans. In the history of the evolution of the family, you and the millions of other migrants like you represent an ongoing proliferation of the nuclear. It is an explosive transformation.”

The above statement shows how one can be inspired to achieve a lot because of true love. Once you have a family, you get out looking for money and it surely becomes a gene of great entrepreneurs. In this book, Hamid, (2013), urges the readers to learn from the master, and not fall in love, but he also warns that everyone should be prepared to use violence because in some cases, when you marry a pretty girl for their faces, that is the end. Therefore, we should not just be lustful, everyone need to find real love because with real love there are not court battles.


When you finally retire, you will not need the money, but love. Everyone will be looking for love, may be a baby to laugh with and a caring family. When you die, you will only need to have somebody to give your hard earned wealth to because if you fail to find love, you wealth will be the cause of fight, troubles and tribulation amongst your thieving relatives. He writes that the thieving relatives will “Slough off your wealth, like an animal molting in the autumn,” the lesson is that even in wealth or poetry, it is important to everyone to fight like a lion for love, and wealth so that when they are about to retire, they have their exit strategy for safe landing without which everyone is doomed to experience the worst old age


Mohsin Hamid , (2013). How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia: A Novel. Riverhead Hardcover; 1st Edition


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