Human Computer Interaction`

Exercise 1

For this exercise, I chose the orchid bowl, which is one of the bets bowling centers in Singapore. The company has over five bowling centers located across Singapore such as Orchid Country Club, SAFRA Yishun, SAFRA Tampines, The Chevrons and E!hub, Downtown East. With the best bowling system, furniture and equipment, the company ranks amongst the tops 20 bowling centre worldwide. The website URL is: The website shows cases the company’s range of businesses from recreation, services, to events and promotions


The websites words and block are arranged in a clear manner. The text is also logically arranged and easy to comprehend from far. The sentence length is also short enough

Language use:

English is the main language and the English is a grade eight level English and this is just enough for general readability

Font family: the font family is Baskerville, "Baskerville Old Face"

Font size: the font size is 12 for the body and 16 for the title.

Margins (white space around the text): the website uses a white space all round the text as it is the background. The title has a different background color

Alignment: the texts are aligned left

Contrast: the contract is the conventional white background and black text. The links are however, blue in text

Scrolling length: the website is highly detailed and requires scrolling to reach the bottom and up. The website has a navigation tab for scrolling up and down

Line length: Those lines are short with lines being between 11 words to 40 words whish is pretty standards for the informative websites.

Any globalization and/or localization (explain): the website has globalized themes or writings. The websites uses a set of images, and words (metaphors) that convey the concepts. There are also mental models in which people, jobs, groups task or groups activities are organized. There are navigation system such as menus, control panel and dialogue areas. The system is easy to interact with in additional to a graphical appearance as well as hap tic languages

Exercise 2

Microwave oven, and electric kettle- coffee maker

Personally, I use the electric kettle and the oven a lot. I have used the two for one year. While the oven is for heating cooked foods. The buttons are pretty simple and labeled. The main interactivity for the oven is simple push button for the oven. The oven has lights to indicate the stages of heating and for green to indicate desired temperature, while read indicates exceeded temperature. The kettle is the conventional size for traditional kettle. 20 centers high and rounded base, whole the oven is 60x40x40cm. The buttons are each square centimeter each. The led lights indicate the operations for on, and of, and states of use. There are texts used to explain the functionality of each button. The main improvement I would suggest is the safety measures such as gauzes to cover the buttons to prevent children from accessing these buttons in the absence of their parents.

Electric kettle

I have owned the kettle for one year. The electric kettle is for fixing quick tea. The switches are up and down for the electric kettle with LED to indicate the nature of usage such as on and off. There are texts used to indicate the level f water in the kettle and the temperature. The design of the kettle is minimalist and there are adequate interactive features. I prefer additional writing to show more feature and give warning. The electric code is also very short and should be at least 3 meters


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