GENERIC STRATEGY: Broad Market/ Low Cost


PROCESS TO BE IMPROVED: Customer and Employee Scheduling

Case Study, Stage 3: IT Considerations for Proposed Technology Solution

Just like other modern haircut and beauty salons, UMUC haircuts should consider a range of technologies that unit can leverage to achieve strategic goals and objectives. For example, UMUC haircuts should adopt technology for managing resources such as the ERP for

Arranging bookings with the clients, managing consumables, and communicating with the clients in a wide range of issues from invoicing, bookkeeping, accounts receivable amongst others. Considering the current development in the haircuts industry, diversification is also another important strategy that must be considered. Therefore, UMUC should also consider acquiring other technologies that can be used to diversify. For example, other salon related services cuch as beauty therapy treatments, body massage, and skin biology beauty treatments. These technologies can be used by UMUC to drive growth and revenue. Considering the features of the ShiftPlanning application and the potential benefits, ShiftPlanning can be instrumental in value postposition and service value delivery.

IT Considerations for Proposed Technology Solution

Part 1: an explanation of the proposed technology solution.

The proposed technology is a cloud-based employee planning and scheduling application that can be used to schedule employees thereby eliminating duplicating of duties and any scheduling conflict. UMUC Haircuts business can manage overtime, employee attendance as it has a time clocking utility. This way, the employee’s attendance and direction within the premises can be tracked and billed effectively. The application is also useful for the management in improving their human resources effectiveness. It is a centralized system for managing staff training, their vacation and payroll. With the application, the management will be able to document employee performance, and report on the employee specific mater such as job satisfaction, and performance

Summary of the technology requirements

The technology requirement include infrastructure such as a desktop computer form accessing shift planning in cloud. The basic web browser need is Google chrome, internet explorer 11 or latest and or Mozilla Firefox 17 or later. UMUC Haircuts business also requires an internet connection with a reliable internet service provider because the internet is the backbone of the technology. The cloud-based system relies on the internet for access and backend communication

Part 2: Table of IT Considerations. The Areas for consideration are defined in the section “Concepts” which follows the table of considerations below. An example for one entry is also provided. Click on the upper left corner of the table to copy it into your paper.


High/Medium/Low Importance or Relevance or Not Applicable (N/A)

Explanation for Ranking

(minimum 2 sentences for each, linked to specific technology solution proposed)


High importance

UMUC needs software for its operations and the overall usability of the software is very important. UMUC Haircuts business needs a software system that can be used to realize double bottom-line.



Shiftplaning is maintained by the providers. Therefore , any maintenance will be provided by the providers based on the service level agreements (SLA)


High importance

UMUC Haircuts business is in it’s in growth stage and is likely to expand. UMUC Haircuts business therefore needs a system that can handle increasing workload in a capable manner as UMUC Haircuts business continues to grow. This system can support administrative scalability, functional scalability, geographic scalability, load scalability and generation scalability

Reliability/ Availability

High importance

Because of the nature of organization, UMUC Haircuts business needs a system that can be reliable in the end. For example, the system should be high capability, high availability with little or downtime. The only system that can provide s the required availability is the cloud system


High importance

The system can easily be extended with less effort and minimum financial consideration. Any future growth can be accommodated with minimum coding, but this is in the domain of the providers


Low importance

The system is highly portable. In fact, it is not portable by highly available round the clock irrespective of the location and the time. The only important thing is the internet access and the required authorization.


High importance

The system has various levels of authorization with both password and pin backed security system. The system can is protected using strong data encryption features. The manufacturers provide an SSL security, encrypted user passwords, automatic timeout, hourly data backup and Admin control of employee settings, which are not only important for disaster recovery, but also online payment processing.

Data Quality

High importance

The data quality is high because the system offers high level of authenticity and data security. Te data stored within the system is highly reliable and have high level of application efficiency



High importance

Data security is only assured when the data is encrypted so that in the event of hacking, the hacker cannot read the information. However, ShiftPlanning does not provide this.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is of very high importance because there are likely case of unplanned downtime, disasters which might require faster recovery. Therefore, with cloud computing system, disaster recovery is fast and efficient, and system availability is assured

Enterprise Systems (ERP, CRM, SCM)


The syst6em is mainly concerned with meeting the planning and scheduling of the employees. Therefore, this areas is not applicable


High importance

The system enhances communication with the employees in scheduling, attendance, and payroll managements. This way, the employees will get constant information about their duties, responsibly and schedules

Database, Data Warehouse, Data Mining

High importance

The system can help in data warehousing and mining, as the disasters do not affect the availability of employee and customer data. Data base also help in managing company data in real time.

Business Intelligence

Medium importance

The management will get information about their employees and lab our demand therefore use their data for analytics. The management will also gain insight on them performance of all employee thereby make effective decisions in employee scheduling.

Transaction Processing


The system is only used for payroll; management and not for processing customer transactions.

Decision Support

High importance

The data provided by the system can be used for making data driven decision when it comes to employee scheduling. The management can effectively achieve its genetic strategies using the system.

Executive Information

Medium Importance

The management can make executive decision as demanded by simply using data for the executive information in their decision support system (DSS). Employee scheduling and recruitment is an executive function and this needs executive information that can only be retrieved from the system

Business-to-Business ecommerce


Business-to-Business eCommerce is not an important area in this system because UMUC Haircuts business is mainly serving the customers directly.

Business-to-Consumer eCommerce

Medium importance

UMUC Haircuts business is serving the customer, but this technology specifically focuses on scheduling the employee. It is important to note the remote connection between the employees and the customers. Therefore, this area is of medium importance, as it will only help in managing the employees to serve the customers in a timely and professional manner.


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