Final Paper on Racial-Ethnic Relations or Immigration Assignment

Write a term paper on race/ethnic relations or immigration in the United States. The goal is to produce a well written paper that demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of an aspect of race and ethnic relations and/or an aspect of a particular racial/ethnic or immigrant/refugee group’s experience.

Content and style: You must explicitly mention relevant sociological concepts, principles, theories, or research findings that are relevant to the information and experiences that you present in your paper. In other words, your paper can not simply describe a particular individual’s or group’s experiences, situation, or history – it must also indicate and comment on pertinent sociological concepts, principles, theories, or research findings that those experiences, situations, or histories speak to or illustrate.

Information and Reference Sources: The textbook and class materials can be a source of information for your paper. However, for most of your information you must draw on, reference, and cite additional sources from outside of our class materials. At least three of these sources of information must be books or articles from scholarly (professional) journals on race, ethnicity, or immigration (AJS, ASR, Social Forces, etc. accessed through the library’s databases JSTOR, Soc Abstracts, etc.). Other sources of information can include material obtained from Internet websites, as well as from interviews or observations that you make as part of your research on your topic.

You must list all your sources in a “reference” section at the end of your paper. Possible Topics for Term Papers:
• Racial/ethnic interactions and dynamics in a work (or school) setting.
• Adjustment experiences (i.e., challenges, problems, successes) of an immigrant or
• refugee group or family in getting into or settling in a new land.
• Interactions, situations, and attitudes among members of different racial/ethnic groups on a sports team
or in a religious congregation.
• Different perspectives, attitudes, behaviors on a relevant issue(s) among members of the same
racial/ethnic or immigrant/refugee group.
• Attitudes (feelings and beliefs) of people regarding an issue such as illegal immigration, or bilingualism
vs. English-only policies, or school Integration/segregation, or affirmative action policies.

Criteria Used in Grading

How well the paper clearly describes (i.e., provides adequate detail and isn’t confusing or vague) and demonstrates a thorough understanding of the racial/ethnic or immigration topic or situation that you are
writing about.

How well the paper provides good illustrations and/or commentary on course related sociological concepts,principles, theories, or research findings.

How informative and accurate the material in your essay is.

How well written the essay is (i.e well organized, readable, interesting, and free of mistakes in grammar,
spelling, punctuation, sentence or paragraph structure).

Term paper must have adequate references and not have any plagiarism in it.


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