Do you believe China will maintain its current government structure? Why or why not?Do you believe China will maintain its current government structure? Why or why not?

China has seen an unprecedented economic rise since its economic reforms little over three decades ago. However, in as much as china has managed to maintain its government structures despite forming alliance with a number of countries including the world super power – USA. Considering the steep economic rise, china is not likely to change its current government structure in the long run because this is the government structures that helped it move from it former poor and stagnant economy. China can only modify its laws in line with the trade partners and regional blocks in order to exploit the emerging opportunities. Finally, it is important to note that currently, china has protectionism policies that limit even the US’s exploitation of the market opportunities in the country. It is therefore important to expect further amendment of the international trade rules that might see china change its government structure. Therefore, before, these changes to the trade rules are made; china is likely to maintain a status quo (Kenberry, 2008)
What kind of government do you believe will exist in China in 50 years? Be specific and explain your reasons.

China will most likely have a communist government considering the fact that the country has experienced so much economic growth over the last three decade under the same. The Chinese believe in cultural dimension and are less likely to take chances with a new government. Currently, the communist party is outlining broad policies on a number of fronts including reforms and constitution. These long-term reform might see the government in power 50 year meaning that the country will still be under a communist party and communist government (Xuetong, 2006, pp. 5-33).

Can China replace U.S. as the global power? Explain what needs to be done in either country for this to occur.
China is touted as the only country that can replace the US as a global power. Considering its current growth and ambitious economic plan, the country may or may not replace the US because this depends on a number of factors. For example, china need to revisit its strategies and reform that enabled it to make it to the second position worldwide (Xinhua, 2011). Additionally, there are other countries that are also eyeing the same position that china is interested in. therefore with the increasing competition; china must implement comprehensive economic and legal reforms. This will enable the country to accelerate its transition to a free market economy. Te country may have to re-strategize by balancing its demand and supply forces. For example, the country needs to stimulate consumer demand and focusing on fixed investments. The country still needs to boost economic growth by stimulating productivity and innovation. Additional, the country is currently plagued by increasing income gap that must be addressed. Finally, china will have to modify its economic growth model because it is currently limiting the countries prospects at competition and so it’s economic efficiency. Additionaly, china will have to ensure that its protectionist industrial policies stay in place as a way of protecting its industries from the US onslaught in the wake of aggressive economic reform by the US in an attempt to maintain the status quo


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