Define the multicultural perspective in social psychology and explain why it is an important consideration.

This is a term in social psychology that take into consideration various social and cultural dimension into decision. For example, multicultural perspective takes into consideration the impact of socioeconomic status, race, gender, age on behaviors, thought processes, disability, religion, sexual orientation and other social cultural dimensions (Baron, Byrne, & Branscombe, 2007, p. 15). Multicultural perspective in social psychology considering the impact of these social and cultural factors on self-identity and social behaviors

Why it is an important consideration

Multicultural perspective in social psychology offers an informed and irrefutable understanding of behaviors, cognition, and affects in social setting where people of diverse cultural and ethnic background interact. Globalization is one of the main factors that have contributed to increased interaction between people. The impact of these interactions on human thought and behaviors can only be understood by taking a multicultural perspective.

Multicultural perspective in social psychology offers a rich background for understanding the outcomes of social interaction in a social setting. Multicultural perspective also offers a new path to understanding social contact and the impact of such contact on cultural values, behaviors, perceptions as well as feelings and attitudes. One of the most important fact is a culturally heterogeneous setting is that people from various cultural background become cultured causing a psychological consequence

Finally, multicultural perspective in social psychology provides psychologists with proper basis for understanding the changing perspectives, behaviors and thoughts (Baron, Byrne, & Branscombe, 2007)

Then share/apply a personal/professional experience relevant to any part of the content from the reading.

Our school is one of the nest universities in the country and this has contributed to increased interest in admission into the schools programs. However, with the increasing interest in admission, the school’s community has experienced a major cultural shift with the admission of people from different cultures. Our class has Egyptians, Palestine, and Yemenis. However, all these observe different cultural values that affect how people interact. However, at the school setting, the social contact has actually shaped the life experiences of all students. Currently, there are no culturally sensitive matters in the class as it was before the school started admitting multicultural groups. Cultural diversity has lead to new rules and cultural values. Personally, I have experienced the role played by implicit processes in my behaviors because, I found myself hating Yemenis because the person who bullied me on high school was a Yamani. I have also come to identify with the fact; I can argue that social construction has been a major contributor of social categorization. I have always belied that Palestine are violent just because it is historically believed so. I tend to be more cautious when dealing with them.

Finally, I have also realized that in school, there is a significant positive correlation between social behavior and social thought because most of my actions are based on what I think about the others and what I think about me. It is also quite clear to me that many people would hate me immediately they realize that I am a Saudi despite my name resembling those of a Yemeni. For example, in my first groups work, my group members chose me in my absence, but when I showed up for the group work, they asked me if I was in their group. However, while I could understand their reaction, I realized that as time went by, we become the best friends as they came to know me better.

Cultural values and social cognition tend to play a major role in shaping our behaviors. In fact, cultural values tend to shape how we act in a social setting. Environmental factors also contribute to how people behave, but it is modified by how they perceive the environment. The sense of self determines how any individual can determine how we talk to people. Personally, I intended to be the best in the class, however, because people felt that I was so overbearing, they started talking being my back. I had a feeling that because most of the classmates were not having a mental picture of an academic achiever, they were not fit to be my friend but later learnt that everyone has plans, it is only that priorities differ.


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