Company Web Server Hardware & Software

•Will the company website be self-hosting or pay a service provider to host? The answer to this question could depend of company size, volume of transactions, etc.

One of the award-winning website design and hosting companies will host the company’s website. For this, the company has chosen godaddy as the web hosting company of choice. The ultimate webhosting package is less costly and comes with a free domain. The company will deploy at least 10 websites and 1000 email addresses. The webhosting package comes with ad additional 128-bit web security SSL certificate. The bandwidth is also unlimited and this is what the company requires to be able to serve as many customers as possible especially those who requires outside catering, remote reservations, and online inquiries. The company also needs unlimited databases to help in managing various online tools, unlimited transactions, and remote access (Burgess, Sellitto, &, Karanasios, 2009),

•Does the company already have equipment and staff in place were purchasing additional software might be the best direction?

The company already has in place enough staff and equipment- online menu, online ordering form, and online payment system these will be adjusted as time goes by and the business demand. The system is expected to be scalable to accommodate the increasing demand and customer base. However, considering the expected exponential increase in customer base, the company will have to deploy its own server later in the year for disaster recovery purpose and to improve business continuity in the event of any unforeseen event.

•What type of operating system, connection speed and user capacity are needed to support your proposal?

The main operating system of choice is the windows operating system- windows XP, but windows 8 are preferred. Additionally, the company will use workstations due to their stability and throughput. Duo-core or core 2duo will be preferable. The machines will be bought from the original equipment providers (OEM). The company need a charge storage space for the offline data and backup purposes therefore 1terabite (1TB) hard disk storage space is preferred (Chaudhury, &, Kuilboer, 2002).

•What key elements will be the software need to support such as catalogs, shopping carts, and transaction processing capabilities? Will there be blogs, file transfers, etc?

The system will be required for remote log in (remote access), files transfer (FTP), online payment (e-commerce), a company’s blog, and social media links including face book, YouTube, LinkedIn, and twitter for communication between the customer and the restaurant, and for communication purposes and for social media marketing, shopping carts, and online catalog/menu

What are the database needs such as for purchasing, inventory, customer information, etc.?

The main database need including managing inventory, managing sales, invoice, customer profiles including customer name, credit history, financial records, business records and employment. The company will have to keep track of customer’s debts and loyalty programs (Eisingerich, &, Kretschmer, 2008, pp. 20–21).


Chaudhury, Abijit; Kuilboer, Jean-Pierre (2002). e-Business and e-Commerce Infrastructure. McGraw-Hill.

Burgess, S; Sellitto, C; Karanasios, S (2009), Effective Web Presence Solutions for Small Businesses: Strategies and Successful Implementation, IGI Global.

Eisingerich, Andreas B.; Kretschmer, Tobias (March 2008). "In E-Commerce, More is More". Harvard Business Review 86: 20–21.


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