Chief Bromden’s article


In his article, Chief Bromden describes the big nurse’s time control techniques and the hospital as a busy place where people are not allowed to socialize enough. Bromden uses a set of literary devices to communicate with the author. The figurative language includes literary devices such as imagery, simile, personification, and onomatopoeia.


In order to help the reader understand the big nurse, he compares her to a number of things. For example, she is a perfectionist who always defends herself against her own deep-seated vulnerabilities. Her manipulative behaviors are described through the way she pushes peoples to do everything her way. For example, the passage opens with the sentences, “the big nurse is able to set the wall clock at whatever speed she wants by just turning one of those dials in their steel door”. however, in order to demonstrate how manipulative she is and how people around her obey her, the Bromden states that she turns the speed up and those hands whip around that disk likes spikes in a wheel.” In this case, the people at the hospital are likened to the spikes in a wheel as they scramble to the whims of big nurse.

Bromden uses similes to compare two completely different things. For example, in this case, the simile is used to compare the behaviors of the big nurse to the behaviors of the a kids fooling with the moving picture projection machine to the way the big nurse eases off the pace on that clock dial. Through it the essay, words such as “like”, and “as” as used to compare different things figuratively. At the end of the day, the big nurse is portrayed egocentric and insensitive to those working around her. The author also use simile to explain to the reader hwo hard it was to breaht inside the hopstial. For example, he sdays that his lungs puled forf the thicvk plastic air like getting it through the pinhole. This means that the liungs work workign to their limit.


On the other hand, Bromden used onomatopoeia in the essay to refer to different things in the essay. Onomatopoeia is a literary device used to convey to the reads how something sounds. For example, the author states, “…squeezing my bladder till green parks flashes and buzz across my forehead…” she describes how the green sparks were sounding as they crossed the forehead. The author also refers to the copper wires cracking as the sound they make. This demonstrates how busy the hospital was. Everybody is busy to talk as they sit until their legs become numb with sitting down. On the other hand, Bromden wants the readers to think if the hospital as a professional working environment.

While personification is used only once, Bromden uses personification to convey to the readers his feelings about the cooper wire. For example, in hid bid to explain to the readers the sound made by the copper wires, he uses the personification to make the wire noticeable by helping the reads to draw from their experience to understand the situation or circumstances. Additionally, Bromden has used personification to give life to anon living thing. For example, he refers to the copper wires cracking and “spitting”. Living things to eject saliva only do spitting. The copper wires in this way may have been producing sparks of life.


The author has used imagery to help the reader to develop mental pictures about the big nurse, For example, the author stated that when the bid nurse drives the hatpin back in the hair with a stab of her hand, to let the readers figure out how the big nurse hair looks simple. The reader also has an image of the hospital when the author says “thick plastic air”. We the author also tries to tell the reader the source of the think plastic air by saying that the old chronic has been dead for six days and rotting to the chair. The old chronic releases a clear chemical gas in through the vents setting the whole world solid when the gas changes into plastic. This may have also been used to induce empathy as the reader is made to think about the unbearable atmosphere in the ward. The readers can also image the picture of the daily events in the hospital. For example, the author says that everybody is driven like mad to keep up with that passing of fake time. “..awful scramble of shave and breakfast and appointments” to mean that each day is a busy day in the hospital


Throughout the passage, the author successfuly inform the reader about the events, the environm,ent, the people and the general life. the hopsital is potryed as abusy but inhabitable enviornmet, the big nurse is potrayed as pushy and manipulative, the patienst are either very sikc or dead, and the people are actively engaged in their daily life.


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