Why Is It Important To Take Part In Something Larger Than One’s Own Needs?

Make Some Connection To People You Know Who Volunteer Or Support Particular Causes. Why Is It Important To Take Part In Something Larger Than One’s Own Needs?

Why is it important to take part in something larger than one’s own needs?

Volunteering in community services can be the most fulfilling activity anyone can take part in not because it can earn one fame but because it is fulfilling and edifying to the soul. Helping other people is bigger than one’s own needs excuse easy because as much as one may struggle to meet his needs, he will never feel appreciated? However, when one helps the community by participating in activities that benefit the whole community, one feels appreciated with very word of thanks.

Additionally, being part of something larger can also make us members of specific community of people who want to live happier and healthier lifestyles. These who volunteer believe that their lives have better meaning and thus tend to benefit in terms of welkin. People should find a meaning in their lives as it is the source of happiness and wellbeing. Other key sources of meaning include relationship which is only realized through connection to the family and community members.

Finally, the universal strength of transcendence can be a source if meaning. It is something greater then personal needs by connecting with other spiritual people, one does not only gain friends but are also motivated to help and share. There are four levels of meaning. These include these include attaining individual goals, having a family or a sense of belonging, the third one is being member of the community. A finely, religion, and spatiality contributes the meaning that one can find in life.


In conclusion, higher level of connection with the bigger things helps improves people’s residence because they have the family, community, religion; spirituality being part of county is fulfilling more so when you participate on activities that benefit the whole county s opposed to activities that benefits specific individual. Therefore need from career development and help the community, volunteering help in establishing stringer regions Fidel and helps in having sense of purpose,


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