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Our start

Amazon Capital Group was founded in 1999 in response to the funding gap for the merchant and small and micro enterprises. The company was started to provide growth finance to small and micro enterprises in the lower Florida region The Company has since developed into s stable medium sized fina ncia ser ies priveer. The company has a host of innovative financial product ranging from asset financing, bank loans, cash on invoices for merchants and contractors, and the company also issue advances against LSO. Therefore, when one has a large contract, the company can provide the needed financial assistances at agreed upon fee,

Our Growth

Around the same time, the company opened its first offices in Florida. That is that time the company started reclining success punctuated with unfrequented growth. The company drove both capital and growth using customer centric approach to financial services. The company boasts of over 40 assets acquisition ranging from land to foods, 100 business run and sustained by the company’s loans. The company has grown its assets base from $500,000 to over $1.4bilion in assets. With over 165,000 members the growth has been attributed to easily available innovative products in the lower Florida area. The company aims to be the leading working capital providers. The company also boats of faster services, flexible repayment programs and lower interest rates capital

Our Future

Apart from expanding our customer base, the company seeks to develop more innovative financial products aimed at help the small businesses. The company will leverage its close proximity with the customer to deliver individualized financial literacy products and services. We are not only interested in providing low interest fees, but also within the shortest time possible.Talk to us on 07302820894678. You can also visits contact us on twitter, and faceboolso for business chats


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