The Experiential Learning Opportunity Reflection

This Is The Experiential Learning Opportunity Reflection And Consists Of Actually Visiting A Dragstrip And Either Watching The Event

Watching the NHRA Mello Yellow drag race was one of the most breathtaking events I have ever watched because this time, I was not a spectator and a spiritual. The 2015 O’Reilly Auto Parts NHRA Spring Nationals Final Eliminations was the only sold out event on the day with over 1000 people in attendance and a firsthand opportunity to experience the drag ace, I would say there is no better way of learning to drive other than being there and enjoying every bit of the thrill. From the time the gate was opened, I realize that it was not the race that metered but the fun of being there. I also learnt that it was not the car model that was important but the driving skills. For example, after series of losses to the rally champion Mr. Schumacher,

With another chance to make history, Chris McKay left the water box burnout; McKay tried his best to beat Erica Enders Stevens, Chris McGaha. However, the Harlow Sammons racing team had out together a real machine. While I didn’t want to be quick to judge, I realized that most of the vehicles used had improved exhaust pipes, a lot of metalwork and safety system, the 1320 ft race track was paved for the day. All the safety checks indicated just how important safety is in the drag race.

The funny car races were the most fun there was not only one funny car but seven funny cars with new winners. I liked the fact that the cars had excess horsepower and were spitting fire. This is not only a show of engineering genius but also extreme innovation. If I have a chance to be a drag race driver, I would like to be part of the Mac Auto team and give another chance to watch the race in person, I would sit at the finishing line to get a better glimpse of the whole race track to see how the funny cars complete the races. I would love to see the priceless faces of the drives and the team members when their drivers win the races. Such was the jubilation that I would pay any amount to attend the 2016 O’Reilly Auto Parts NHRA Spring Nationals Final Eliminations

Learning objectives (be specific)

My leaning objectives for watching the 2015 O’Reilly Auto Parts NHRA Spring Nationals Final Eliminations was to learn about the technical concepts of the drag race, the winning auto parts providers and the best drag race teams. While I was seated far from the television and the view was limited, I particularly loved the view at the finishing line. The thrill of seeing Rhon win the 44th funny car race and the jubilation of the team manager Don Schumacher and as well as the jubilation of the spectators. My efforts to achieve the learning objectives were setback by my location in the stadium. I did not have a proper view f the whole track so I could not know the names of the people driving each car. Never the less, my experience was unique.

Academic relevance of the experience (be specific)

Throughout my academic work, I have leant about being creative writing and technical writing; the experience has helped me learn about new technical concepts. For example, I have learnt about the drag race, the series helped me learn about the auto parts manufacturers, their association, and the role-played by various stakeholder in the NHRA Mello Yellow drag race. The drag race helped me learn about the presence of the female rally drivers in the ten thousand horsepower rally cars. I partially loved the Napa auto, and the infinite hero race cars. At a personal level, I would love to take part in the series again in the near future especially in the funny car series

Personal development

This experience helped me realize the need for team work. I have come to realize that races o projects cannot be won as individual but as teams. From the experiences, I have realized that importance of the input everyone has made to help me reach where I am today. Their input is not only important for by personal growth and career development. The experienced helped me stretch my personality as I leaned personal skill such as being adaptable amiable, assertive, calm, people oriented and analytical. On the other hand, I have also managed to refine my optimism and learnt to be practical. The race has helped me learn how to interact with other irrespective if their race, or religion.

Summary evaluation

Watching the race taught me three things, hard work, teamwork, and self motivation. All the winners gave credit to their team members who sourced vehicle parts, prepared the vehicles and offered support. Additionally, all the winners agreed that the race was tough nut they were emotionally prepared for the race, and finally, all the team members talked about practice, practice, and practice. In conclusion, all one needs is hard work, teamwork, and self motivation. The race therefore is fundamental to my learning as I learnt about the best recipe for winning.


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