Strategy Coherence:

Strategy Coherence:

The company excels in strategy coherence because its operational level supports are defined by its pursuit of clear strategic directions. The company has built a system of differentiating capabilities that are aligned to the strategic direction. The books and journal articles offered by the common are highly demanded. The company can reliable and sustainably outdo its competitors in the specific niche

Competitive Congruence

The company excels in competitive congruence because the company’s processes and value proposition has a high fit wither the market niche it serves. The company mainly relies on only marketing and digital goods sales in a flexible and innovative system as a way of elevating the vale chain elements

Organizational Inertia:

The company excels developing and sustaining organizational inertia because it has clearly demonstrated its plans to maintain its current trajectory. The company has never made an efforts to improve its system or markets its services effectively and this can be attributed to resourced of routine rigidity

Value Chain Coordination

Barnes and Nobel excels at value chain coordination because most of its support function such as journal article sales, and repository function both support the primary functions. The company can sustain its primary function through the support function

Organizational structure:

Barnes and Nobel excel at managing the structure of the organization. Because with the business model, the company only needs a flat organization structure. This makes decision making easy and faster.

Corporate culture:

The culture of Barnes and Nobel supports the competitive efforts of that firm, in the Bookselling industry. The company’s culture is defined by two key terms purpose and services, and this are the main concepts that drive the company’s businesses. It is therefore healthy to argue that the culture has since been successful starting room the company’s college.


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