Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Search engine marketing refers to a new form of internet marketing which involves the maximization of website visibility to search engines. The idea behind search engine marketing is to improve the websites search engine ranking make it to appear at the top of the internet searches.

Currently, there are search engine optimization (SEO) specialists whose duty to introduce as may key words through article or content writing making it easy for search engines to rank the objects based on relevance. The companies doing SEM appear at the topic of the internet researched results.

How search engine marketing is done? Search engine marketing can be done through: Search engine optimization (SEO) or Paid search advertising

While SEM was originally used to amorphously cover both paid searches and SEO, it has evolved to mean only p [aid search. SEM m is mainly used in relations to paid search, paid listing, while the search marketing refers to both the SEO, and SEM

SEM include paid search advertisements, pay per click (PPC) which refers o adverts charged based o the number of click or impressions. Other concepts include cost per click or cost per impressions mainly used by the Google ad sense.

Finally, Gabe (2012). Facebook SEO and BeastRank: 12 Potential Ranking Factors for the Upcoming Facebook Search Engine. Search Engine Journal. 9 October is important to note that search advertisements are sold on the basis of cost per click or pay per click. However, over the last three years, there has been a tendency to charge the advertisement on the cost per 1000 impressions like with the Google Ad Words, and Bing Ads.

To the specialists, behavioral targeting is very important as it determines the success f this approach. However, contextual ads, domainign, and video ads in YouTube are also becoming very common forms of SEM

Email Marketing.

Email marketing is a form of targeted marketing in which commercial messages or advertisements are sent through emails. Email marketing has become a very common form of marketing as the campaigns are distributed to through one’s contacts making it easy to convert the potential customer into buying customers. Email marketing is relatively successful as the marketer can send email, manage contact and track results.


The main advantages of email marketing is that it is very cheap as coward to the traditional form of marketing, it also has a wide coverage as almost everybody above 10 years has an email address and can access the internet. Finally, it has a higher ROI than the other forms of marketing (Rosso, &, Jansen, 2010, pp. 81–98). The disadvantages of email marketing include: most commercial emails are considered spam and thus are directed to the spam folder thus may not be read by the target audience. Email marketing is also strongly regulated by laws and there are legal requirements such as anti spam laws, and privacy related issues (Gabe, 2012).


Rosso, M, &, Jansen, B, (2010), “Brand Names as Keywords in Sponsored Search Advertising”, Communications of the Association for Information Systems 27 (1): 81–98

Gabe,G, (2012). Facebook SEO and BeastRank: 12 Potential Ranking Factors for the Upcoming Facebook Search Engine. Search Engine Journal. 9 October 2012.


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