Personal Profile

1 Mission statement

To deliver high quality, innovative mobile apps to my clients in a timely
2 Value proposition
Ex why should I hire you? Your answer is the Value proposition

Because of my proficiency in computer and mobile phone supplications, I can be a real asset to accompany like your that needs innovate and disruptive technology that can help you gain a competitive edge over your competitor,. I have a wide skill sets that can help your company cut its payroll cost by 50% . I can multitask in strategy development and implementation,. I cans help I recruitment, coronation and alas well as control. I can also double as at the company in-house technician when need raised

3 Executive summaries

I am an accomplished software develop, a social entrepreneurs with abuser and acumen I can help your company to leverage its resources to realize a competitive advantage, drive growth and revenue

4 personal descriptions

May name is kentia kinntu. I am a hard working individual who believe in strong work ethics. Some of my key competencies include being a well organized individual with strong interpersonal skills. I have excellent communication skill as I am fluent in English both spoken and written. While I am still a student, I believe I have entrepreneurial skills as I have steered two innovative statuses from inception to monetization. I am a Social entrepreneur as I have developed mobile application that empower women to solve their most pressing probes,- over dependences. I am good at team work and can also perform perfectly under minimal supervision.

5 mission and goals

To be among the ,leading mobile phone apps developers

To maximize revenue for both my employer and myself

To more my skills in line with the changes in technology

Target market
My main target is the mobile phone manufacturing companies especially the Fortune 500 such as Apple, Microsoft, or Samsung


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