News Release On The Lynn University Sustainability Committee Committee

News Release On The Lynn University Sustainability Committee Committee And Also Focusing On The Flushing System Here At The University That Saves Water…therefore Making People Aware And Informed Of These Going Green Water Saving Toilets

In line with the school vision mission, and core values, Lynn University is planning to take drastic measures intended to actualize the school’s environment conservation goals. The school’s suitability committee has sourced for water saving flush toilets that will see the school reduce its water usage by 20%. Speaking with the journalists at his office, the head of suitability committee has confirmed that the school’s budget set aside for waste water management will be used to install the new flashing system at the university.

The schools, citizenship project is one of the projects initiated to help the school meet its 5 discipline areas including Community and Education, Energy and Transportation, Landscape and Ecology, Water, Waste and Materials. Speakign to the conference members, the chairms also argued the students

Additionally, in appreciation for the move, the school citizenship project leaders enthused that the project also demonstrates the school’s commitment to its core values such as conservations, community, environment and education. This timing of this new water flushing system has never been better because this project comes at time when greater environmental concerns such as climate change and global warming are all over the new.

Additionally, the school sustainability committee also presented their sustainability plans for the year which include public awareness campaigns in then school and in the neighboring areas. Finally, the dean of students also uploaded the sustainability committee for the active role they play in sustainability geared project such as butterfly garden, green centre, cleanups and tree planting.

As a rejoinder the committee requested the student body to “adopt- a-tree” in the school’s botanical garden and informs the other school members not in attendance of the new water conserving toilet flashing system.

A.S Konani

Lynn University Press


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